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Why You NEED An EMR/EHR Software As An Anesthesiologist

If you’re an anesthesiologist considering shifting from a traditional filing system to an EMR software or even if you already have an EMR software but are wondering how to capitalize on it, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will take a deep dive into all things EMR and what they can mean for you and your practice. We will be talking about everything; from anesthesiology ehr software to anesthesiology EHR software pricing.

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What are EMRs?

If you are in the medical field then there is little chance that you already don’t know what an EMR or an EHR management software is! EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records. An EMR Software merely makes it possible for those in the medical field to automate the medical records of their patients or clients. Instead of painstaking physical filing, everything is stored inside software that makes things super simple and easy. These software can be specialized as well such as some of them are specifically anesthesiology ehr software and will be highly suitable for your practice.

EMR vs. Traditional Filing

Traditionally, doctors would have physical files cluttering up their offices. Each patient would have a file with all their medical records. These files have to be physically updated and if you require more information about a patient or need access to their tests etc then you would need to reach out to them or other doctors they are seeing to be able to do so.

The software already lays out all the information it requires in the form of a template and all you have to do is fill in the required information. These softwares also allow you to access test results as well as patient files being maintained by their other doctors. So in your case, as an anesthesiologist, this would make anesthesia record keeping much easier for you.

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Frankly, traditional filing methods that involve physical folders and cabinets are being replaced by EMR softwares because of the incredible benefits of using these softwares. Let’s dive into all the reasons that EMR softwares are great.

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The Benefits of Using an EMR Software as an Anesthesiologist

Better Collaboration with Other Doctors

As an anesthesiologist, a lot of your work involves meeting with the surgeon and talking to them in detail about the case. And of course, a lot of this involves looking at the medical records and information the surgeon has already collected of the patient in question. With an EMR this can be avoided as you will automatically be able to access all the information their surgeon has collected through the software!

Cut Down your Documentation Time

As a doctor, your time is much too precious to have to spend hours upon hours merely filing patient information. Thus EMR software makes data entry super-efficient with their pre-made templates so that you can get done with filing information much quicker!

Flexibility in your Schedule

The beauty of EMR softwares is that you can access them from anywhere. You do not have to specifically go to a certain computer physically to retrieve them but can do so from anywhere you choose. Hence it gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of when and where you want to look at patient files! If you are an anesthesiologist assisting a surgery at a hospital for the first time, you can still access the patient files from there without having to worry about anything!

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Automatic Billing Process

A good EMR software will also take care of all your billing concerns by generating invoices and sending them to the patient via email as well as alerting them about it. This saves a lot of costs in terms of manpower where an accountant would have to physically produce and send the patient an invoice.

Data is More Accessible

As an anesthesiologist, you need test results and information about a patient. This information is usually with a lab or another doctor. However, with an anesthesiology ehr software, this information is automatically made available to you! You no longer have to rely on the other doctor or the lab’s schedule in sending over the information and can have it at your fingertips at the ready without facing any delays.

Highly Recommended EMR Software for Anesthesiologist

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There are dozens of EMR software in the market and the countless options might leave you spoiled for choice. This is why we are recommending the best two software for anesthesiologists in the market right now.

Epic EMR Anesthesia Software

This software in particular supports over 40 specialties, one of which is anesthesiology! The software complies with all legal requirements including HIPAA. The benefit of using Epic EMR software is that it remembers your preferences and can be customized according to your requirements! It is quite a flexible software. As an anesthesiologist using Epic EMR will make your life much easier because you will be able to access the patients’ records kept by the surgeon you are working with as well as the results of any testing they may have been asked to get! In terms of pricing, while it is a steep cost in the long run this EMR software will cost you significantly less than it would cost to have to employ several people who manage your folder and billing systems manually!

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eClinicalWorks Anesthesia Software

This is award-winning software that has over 50 specialties that it caters to including anesthesiology. Hundreds of thousands of practices around the world are using this software. If you run a small practice with under 10 people, the vendor will provide on-site training and initial implementation services without any extra charges! These reasons make this software perfect for a small practice. The software is constantly being updated to be made better and the customer service from the company is impeccable! The pricing is incredibly competitive as well!

If you want to get a quote on these Anesthesiology emr software or want to know about more options, please feel free to contact us at (747) 228-0144 during business hours!

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