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Which is the best wireless or wired headphones for the office

The wireless headphones for the office use reduce the burden of long hour calling that irritates the user for holding the phone.

On the other hand, many people also like the wired headphones, mostly the ones who are afraid to lose a pair of headphones over and over again. Both offer excellent sound quality and help increase productivity in the workplace.

It also helps you provide your customers with great customer service that many leading businesspersons fail to provide just because of poor quality headphones. 

GN NETCOM Headsets are the best headsets that must give a try. All of its wired or wireless headsets are designed to give the user a satisfying hearing experience whether they are listening to music or attending to some important office calls. 

If you are too keen to try out such amazing headphones, then this article is going to be enjoyable for you. Because we’re going to explain some of the best types of wired or wireless headphones that are most in-demand these days and are best for office use. 

Hopefully, you enjoy reading and plan to place your order immediately just after reading the post. 

  • MOMENTUM Wireless

ennheiser momentum wireless over ear headphones hero

MOMENTUM Wireless is one of the best SENNHEISER headphones that never allow you to lose your rhythm while talking on the phone. Its intuitive design meets superior sound quality features and allows you to enjoy ground-breaking SENNHEISER benefits.

What’s more? Its cutting-edge technology & modern style is beautiful for every moment that not just redefines your headphone experience by representing the equivalent depth but also enhances the precision of studio-quality audio.

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The specialty of this headset is its intuitive design that allows you to control any situation. Whether you’re talking on a business call, speaking to a friend, or just trying to hide in your personal audio space, its Auto On/Off Smart Pause characteristics will ensure that you’ll never miss a beat. 

  • HD 598 CS – Wireless

Sennheiser wireless

Let’s meet another one of the best SENNHEISER headphones by GN telecom that you will like the most. If you are so serious about your workplace calling system and need headphones for your employees to boost their productivity and efficiency, then there is no match of HD 598 CS. 

This superior quality wireless headphones not just provide the outstanding Sennheiser sound but also effective noise isolation. In short, this headphone will allow you, employees, to enjoy calling without disturbing their environment or being disturbed by unwanted noises.

  • Sennheiser – HD 350BT

sennheiser hd 350bt wireless headphones black

If you are looking for a headphone that can give you versatile & vibrant sound quality in the one-go, then Sennheiser’s  HD 350BT headphone has been specially designed for music lovers and office employees over the years. Its stylish design with portability features and the persuasive sound quality is something you’ve been looking to buy for many years. 

These headphones deliver on the signature quality sound with amazing dynamic bass & the rich wholesome features that not just allows you to have an interruption-free calling process but also help you enjoy the long-hour calling. Believe us, by buying this headphone, you will feel the difference! 

  • HD 206 – Wired

sennheiser wired

When it comes to buying the best-wired headsets for office use, HD 206 has no exception. This comfortable, lightweight, supra-aural headphone is best to provide dynamic audio features with clear bass and amazing external noise attenuation characteristics without even breaking the bank. Spending less, you can have more if you buy this excellent headphone. 

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Its powerful sound reproduction and Rich bass response is something you have been looking to have in your office headphones. Also, these are quite lightweight and comfortable to wear with high-quality leatherette ear pads. You and your employees in the workplace will no longer feel irritated throughout the long hour calls. They will enjoy the hassle-free calling. 

  • HD 300 PRO – Wired

senheiser wired headset
download 3

When it comes to getting both fine elegance and highest sound pressure levels in the headphones, then the newly developed HD 300 PRO is best to give a try. This headphone allows neutral and delicate sound reproduction features. Also, its high level of wearing comfort and effective ambient noise attenuation technology assures that nothing will interrupt your office work. 

You don’t have to bother about breaking your piece, its protective pouch is given with every package. Your headphones can be securely encased in the bag and delivered to you in a convenient and handy manner.

Not just this, you also can get the warranty benefits from these exclusive headphones.  Sennheiser will offer you a warranty so you can replace and exchange your headphones anytime if you get any fault in it. 

  • HD 4.30 OVER-EAR – Wired

    HD 4.30 OVER-EAR - Wired

Meet another one of the best SENNHEISER wired headsets for office use. This excellent HD 4.30 headphone features a 3-button smart remote positioned on the wire that enables you to control sound and receive calls hassle-free. Its sturdy folding design also makes these headphones long-lasting and comfortable enough to be taken anywhere. 

This headphone allows you to experience the strength and the essence of the Sennheiser sound all the time. Featuring an over-ear design it produces an excellent soundscape with a definite acoustic response and an intense powerful bass. It is the one you must give a try. See the specifications thoroughly and place your order now!

Final Remarks:

Hopefully, you now have known the best wireless or wired headphones for the office and very soon you will be able to make the buying decision. Right or wrong? 

Well, it will be your call only that which you want to buy or which you want to try out in the future. Our main work is to help you know the best Sennheiser headsets that GN NETCOM provides.

We hope you research more on the above-mentioned types and then make a purchase wisely. After all, it’s a matter of taking your business to the next level that entirely depends on the headphones and other calling tools. 


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