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What is a Smart TV and How it is Different from LCD TV?

Everything is turning smart with the advancement in science and technology. There have been many innovations in the digital world in recent times. One of them is the introduction of smart television sets.

A smart TV is a television set with integrated internet and features that allows users to stream music and videos and browse the internet. Smart TVs are a technological convergence of computers, television sets and set-top boxes.

Smart TVs have changed the way we watch TV. Smart TV is different from LCD TVs in a variety of ways. A smart TV gives you access to a world of content beyond live TV channels.

Both smart TVs and LCD TVs are the new age visual apparatus but are distinct from each other. A comparison between the two can give a better perspective so you should know these things before you buy television online. Read on to know some of the basic differences between a smart TV and an LCD TV!

  • Internet connection

The major difference between a smart TV and LCD TV is an internet connection. A smart TV is an internet device. You can watch live TV as normal and enjoy all the online entertainment as well. It gives you more choice, convenience and control. Smart TVs gives you access to all online content like Netflix and Amazon Prime shows on a television set. 

LCD TV works like a normal TV and is not an internet device. An LCD TV does not need a web connection to function. You can connect USB drives and streaming devices through USB ports.

  • Technology and display

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) and QLED (Quantum Dot LED) are the latest display technologies in smart TVs. Smart televisions may work on all sorts of visual devices. They do not have any screen problems of their own.

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An LCD TV or Liquid Crystal Display television works on liquid crystal display technology. The LCD screen works on the principle of blocking light rather than emitting light. LCD television display has improved over time, but the brightness is not uniform.

  • Cost 

Buying a smart TV is an expensive affair. Smart TVs come with big display screens and innovative features. These television sets also have a monthly expense of internet required for browsing online content and apps.

An LCD TV is more affordable than a smart TV. It is because these TVs are available in different sizes. There are a lot of options to choose as per your budget. It is as they do not need an internet connection, and hence, there is no extra monthly expenditure.

  • Image Quality

High definition material is available on a smart TV. High Dynamic Range or HDR is the current big thing for smart 4K TVs. Though HDR is also supported across LCD TVs, yet the image quality is better in smart TVs.

  • Choice of Size

There are very limited options when it comes to selecting the size in a smart TV. Smart TVs generally come with big display screens. LCD TVs have the most choices in form and sizes amongst the latest kind of televisions available in the market.

  • Content

A smart TV has its own stations and content along with the terrestrial networks. This allows you to browse web content and use online apps. On the other hand, LCD TV shows only the stations provided by the broadcaster. Since there is no internet connectivity option, you can view channels provided by the broadcaster.

  • Control

Smart TVs come with smart remote controls and connectivity options. You can avoid clutter in your living room with one Remote Control that controls all devices connected to your smart TV. But, LCD TVs do not come with such smart remote control features.

  • Pre-installed Apps

Most smart TVs come with apps already installed. You can also add apps through an app store. Film and TV streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are generally pre-installed in all smart TVs. Apps on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are also available. LCD TVs do not have the option of apps.

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Now that you know all about a smart TV and how different it is from an LCD TV, you can buy the one that suits your needs and budget.

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