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Why You Should Prefer Wall Hung Toilet and Basin?

For decades wall hung toilets and basins have been a preferred choice of luxury hotels and resorts. That’s why whenever we imagine about them, a luxurious hotel comes in our mind. Perhaps now we see these in newly built buildings; older households may have avoided these due to complicated installations.  However, homeowners now prefer modern wall hung toilet and basins as it increases their property value.

Here we have discussed few reasons why wall hung toilets and basins can be a great choice.

  • Hidden Cistern and Pipework.

One of the biggest reasons people prefer wall hung toilets and basins is that their plumbing is hidden inside the wall, giving a sleek and modern look.  If you like the minimalist look, this type of toilets and basin is the perfect choice for you. However, you will need to choose from different styles of wall hung toilets and basins ranging from compact size to larger one. In addition to that It is important to careful while choosing the place where you want to install them.

  • Easier to Clean.

We all have very busy lives, and it’s hard to spare time for cleaning our bathroom. The first reason you should prefer wall hung toilet and basin is that these are easier to clean than other types of toilets and basins. It is because these have less surface area as cisterns and pipes are hidden inside the wall. Other than that, the free space under the toilet bowl and basin is also accessible, making it possible to clean it easily and quickly. There is no sealant on the floor, so the bathroom looks clean and tidy. Many walls hung toilets have a rimless design, making cleaning even more comfortable because there is no place in it where germs or limescale can accumulate.

  • Easier Maintenance.
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Since wall hung toilets and basins have their pipework hidden inside the wall, you may believe these may be difficult to maintain in case of a problem. The first thing wall hung units are very reliable that rarely needs maintenance. Even if there is a cistern or hidden pipework problem, these can be easily accessed without breaking the wall. Every wall-hung toilet has flush plate that makes the cistern accessible for maintenance.

  • Save the Space.

As there is no external cistern of wall hung toilets or pipework of wall hung basin, you significantly reduce the space required by these items. Therefore, wall hung toilets and basin are especially suitable for small bathrooms. That does not mean you can not use them in larger spaces. Wall hung style is equally suitable for family bathrooms and preferred due to its beautiful design.  Space underneath remains empty, giving your bathroom a spacious look. You may even find compact sizes to save even more space.

  • Affordable Luxury.

Wall hung toilets and basin are an affordable option for most homeowners. These no longer need to be a luxury that is only for hotels and resorts. The availability of different sizes and type of wall hung toilets and basins has made it possible for everyone to choose and enjoy this type of luxury. It should be your preferred choice for ultimate luxurious look in the bathroom.

Summing It Up.

Wall hung toilets and basins are the latest design to create a modern bathroom look. These are no longer a luxury that was previously considered affordable for hotels and resorts. Investing in wall hung toilets and basins will increase your property’s value, and everyone would appreciate their look and useability. There are many reasons for preferring this style compared to floor-mounted toilets and wash basin. The top of them is their luxury look, sleek design, space-saving and hidden plumbing work.

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