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Understanding Proper Used Moffett Forklift Tag-Out Procedure

A Used Moffett Forklift is like any other machinery that can break down because of many reasons. But the companies and their management should not get extremely worried as there is a proper procedure that will ensure that the broken down forklift is kept safe.

Why Tag-Out Procedure Is Conducted?

When a forklift is facing problems and is completely comes to a stop; the facility manager has to make sure that the forklift is secured and out of reach of everybody for the safety of everyone. 

Used Moffett Forklift Is Out Of Order

The main reason to tag-out a forklift is that it is not working properly or has completely come to a stop. In either way, the concerned staff has to work quickly to separate the forklift from the rest of the fleet.

To Keep People Safe

A malfunctioned forklift is the most dangerous of all equipment because it can be the cause of major accidents which results in loss of lives and finances. So tagging out of Used Moffett Forklift is necessary immediately after the ceasing of the forklift. 

How The Tag-Out Procedure Is Administered?

The word tag-out can be a new term for people but you don’t have to worry as the steps mentioned below taken for this procedure are simple but at the same time important and useful. 

Informing Management And Maintenance Team

First of all the operator, assistant or even other workers can inform the management about the defective forklift. Then the manager will communicate with the maintenance team from where you bought the forklift like Bobby Park Truck And Equipment; so that they can properly tag-out the forklift.

Shutting Down The Forklift Immediately

The operator has to make sure that the forklift is appropriately shut down. This is the same process as you would turn off the forklift at the end of the shift.

Disconnect All Power Sources

Only turning off the ignition and bringing the forklift into parking mode is not enough as the forklift can malfunction and release a burst of energy; damaging things lying around. All sources of energy like disconnecting from the battery is essential.

Tag-Out The Forklift And Isolate

As soon as the maintenance team knows about a forklift; the team members have to use forklift lockout devices to be perfectly sure that the forklift is isolated and tagged out. 

Announce The Tag-Out To Everyone

Informing everyone about the tag out is very crucial. Experts give a very serious reason that if employees don’t know about the shutdown forklift; they will attempt to use it which can be very dangerous. Emails, messages, and information in written form can be handed out so that everyone is informed. 

Make Sure The Forklift Is Properly Shut Down

This is the job of assistance to check whether the forklift is shut down or not. This doesn’t mean that the operator is wrong; it just to confirm and make sure that the forklift will not disturb anyone.

Make Maintenance And Repair Documents Available

It is most vital that you have the maintenance and repair documents of the Used Moffett Forklift readily available. In this way, the repairing team will easily repair or maintain the forklift.

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