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Benefits of Tulsi For Boosting Immunity

In India, Tulsi is considered as a holy plant and is known for its medicinal value. People commonly consume it in tea or water for both taste and health purposes. This is because it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibre. As a medicinal herb, various ayurvedic medicines are formed from it which help in improving immunity and help to get rid of health problems. You can use tulsi ayurvedic medicine for various purposes such as skin, hair, weight loss, eyes, respiratory problems, kidney, headache, etc.

Benefits of Tulsi: –

  • Natural immunity booster: The tulsi is considered as a natural booster as it is enriched with Vitamin C and Zinc and can boost T helper and killer cells in the body.
  • Fight against respiratory problems: It helps in fighting respiratory problems such as cough, cold sore throat due to its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Reduces fever and pain: It also helps in fighting infections and the mitigation of fever. You can consume fresh tulsi juice with black pepper or you can boil it in water and consume it with milk. This will help to reduce your temperature.
  • Lessen stress and blood pressure: It contains some components which help to reduce stress and helps to control the dopamine level in the brain. It can also mitigate inflammation. It also helps to control blood pressure related problems.
  • Anti-cancer properties: It also helps to protect the body from various kinds of cancers as it contains phytochemicals that have antioxidant properties.
  • Useful for heart health: It can prevent cardiovascular diseases as it helps to lower hypertension and lipid content in the blood.
  • Good for the diabetic patient: It is good for diabetic patients as it helps to lower the glucose level in the body.
  • Beneficial for kidney stones and gouty: Kidney stones are formed due to the increased level of uric acid and have the ability to reduce the level of the same in the body. It can also detoxify the body and helps to comfort the patients suffering from gout disease.
  • Beneficial for skin and hair: Due to its antioxidant properties, it helps to clear any kind of blemishes or scars on the skin. And due to its anti-fungal properties, it helps to prevent hair free from dandruff or any kind of fungal infection and therefore resulting in strengthening of the hair.
  • Useful for gastrointestinal disorders: It is also used to treat gastrointestinal disorders such as bloating, flatulence, indigestion, loss of appetite, etc.

Hence, these are some of the benefits of tulsi with the help of which you can improve your immunity. You can consume ayurvedic medicine for improving immunity which is available in various forms such as powder, tablets, or supplements. The important thing to remember while buying ayurvedic medicine is that buy from trusted sellers to avoid any kind of aftereffects. Ayurvedic medicine from a renowned seller will be original and natural. Moreover, as a natural product, it is suitable for all age groups but it may have an impact on the women’s reproductive capacity and should be avoided if women have to conceive.

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