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Top Reasons Why the 6.6kw Solar System is the New Solar Spot

The sun is the supreme source among all other sources of energy. The sun is the main reason behind the existence of the entire planet. The energy that the sun produces is utilized by the life on the earth to grow and make food. This infinite energy present with us from the beginning has a lot more useful than we think. Humans, thankfully, are now able to use this infinite source of energy to generate electricity. The electricity that we use in our homes is now accessible with the help of the 6.6kw Solar System. The situation these days that the people of Australia are facing is tough. The new environmental and health challenges are making the people helpless. The on-going restriction and isolation are spiking the electricity bill of the citizens.

In this situation, the solar power plays a crucial role. Solar power helps you generate sustainable energy without the emission of greenhouse gases. To decrease the financial burden, you need to install the 6.6kw solar panels that give you the same power as the hydro-electricity.People earlier were using the average size of the solar system. Five years back, then the peoples were using the 3kw solar systems for their homes. With evolution, the 6.6kw solar panels are the new hotspot. Here are some reasons why you should install the 6.6kw Solar Panels.

The value for money

With the size of the 6.6 kW solar systems, you can quickly maximize the STCs without upgrading your inverter from 5kw-6kw. This remarkable decision will help you save 100 dollars. The most crucial factor to consider is the 6.6kw solar panels lowers the cost/watt of the solar system.

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Inverter with a lower price

The 5kw inverter used in the 6-6kw solar system is not expensive. The 5kw inverters single-phase inverters available in the market are more flexible in terms of price and range. So, with the installation of the 6.6kw solar system, you get the choice to save the cost in inverters as well.

The discount

The installation of 6.6kw solar panels uses more panels. The use of more groups implies more STCs, and more STC gives you more federal government rebates. It gives you a more substantial reason to install the 6.6kw solar power.

The affordable price

About 60% of the component of the solar system is from china, and with onion situation, the supply may stop anytime. The stock availability at the current time uses previous prices. Ordering now will help you a lot as you will get all the components at the last price. It makes your solar installation more affordable.

Why should you go for 6.6kw instead of 3kw?

Five years earlier, people were using the 3kw solar system. These days are 3kw solar systems are out-dated. Less than 3% of people in Australia use the 3kw solar system in their homes. With evolution, the world is now better; we use the devices more consumption of power. The 6.6 kW solar systems produce more horsepower and energy.

How much power does it produce?

The 6.6kw solar panels show higher efficiency than the 3kw. The 6.6kw solar panels produce about 26-27 units per day, which is enough for the entire household consumption for the whole day. The energy that solar power generates also depends upon some significant factors such as the location and weather.

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On a typical sunny day, mostly in the summer, your solar panels absorb a massive amount of sunlight. In summer, you will get the maximum amount of power. The quality of the components and the battery also plays a significant role. The higher quality you use, the better are the results that you will get.

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The maintenance cost

The 6.6kw solar panels go through an aggressive quality check. In this process, the resistance of the solar panels is observed in tough situations to ensure that the solar panel offers you maximum efficiency. The installers provide you ten years of warranty on the solar panels and a minimum of 5 years in the battery. That implies that you won’t spend a single penny for the maintenance of the solar panels for the next ten years.

The 6.6kw Solar Panels are the new face of solar power. The installation of maximum power offers you maximum efficiency.

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