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Top 2 Rheumatology EHR Software: Everything You Need To Know

Rheumatology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases. Rheumatologists have to deal with conditions like Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Lupus, etc. Rheumatology EHR software is an alternative to the traditional methods of getting all the tasks done. Patients’ portal, Stylus entry, Pre-populated templates, Targeted pop-ups, Extensive report, and flexible documentation are some of the Rheumatology EHR software features that are required by Rheumatologists or anyone in that practice. 

Rheumatology Specific EHR Features

What are some of the features that are needed by Rheumatologists? And the reason behind their need? A Rheumatology EMR Software needs to have specialty-specific templates. Rheumatology specific templates include all the conditions like back pain, neck pain, muscle-related injuries, that help doctors understand the condition better. Health reminders, Rheumatology specific patients’ charts, and order sets, and extensive reports are some of the features that are needed by rheumatologists. These features help save a lot of time as everything can be accessed online. Lab test results can be accessed online directly as well as the patient’s complete history including the type of treatments he has gotten. These things help increase efficiency rapidly and since all the tasks are done faster now, therefore productivity also increases. 

Top 2 Rheumatology EMR Software

Finally, let’s talk about the two software that we think are the best for Rheumatology. Our top 2 picks for Rheumatology EHR Software are Practice fusion and PrognoCIS. 

Practice Fusion 

Practice Fusion is an EHR software that was founded in 2005 and is supporting 30,000 medical practices. It is a cloud-based software that has proved to be the best in many specialties but is our top favorite for Rheumatology. Let’s move on to the features that it offers its customers. 

Rheumatology specific templates are one of its very popular features as it includes hundreds of problems and conditions. From Osteoarthritis to Sarcoidosis to Lyme disease, it has all templates for all. You can easily customize and modify these templates to your requirement which is a great advantage for doctors as it helps them get done with many problems faster and more accurately. Device integration, Personalized charting, and coding features are also excellent tools that healthcare providers in this particular field require.

Practice Fusion has additional features that are not specifically designed to cater to Rheumatologists but they can benefit from them are Electronic prescriptions, Patients scheduling, Automated messages and reminders, Lab orders, etc. These features will help save time as lab tests can be ordered directly through your EHR software and results will be available to you on your software as well. You can track your patients’ progress more easily and treating a patient becomes easier. You can always get a Rheumatology EHR software demo to help you with your decision but Practice fusion is one of our top choices for Rheumatology.


PrognoCIS is a very well-known EHR Software that was founded 18 years ago. It is a cloud-based EHR Software that has helped doctors in many different specialties but it is rated among the best for Rheumatology. It has specialty-specific templates, Patients’ educational material on Rheumatology, Customizable SOAP note templates, Identification, and Analytic tools, and Reporting. These features and other custom features that it offers help diagnose the conditions quicker, recommend treatments, and keeps the patient motivated to work on his health through automated reminders. Doctors have saved a lot of time and experienced increased efficiency rapidly after the installation of this software. 

It also offers additional features like revenue management cycle, billing feature, and many other tools that help in increasing productivity and keeping the workflow streamlined. PrognoCIS is recommended by many rheumatologists and we believe it to be an excellent choice for this particular field.


Both the Rheumatology EHR Software are our top choices for Rheumatology mainly because of the specific features that it has for this field. They offer additional features that help streamline the workflow and increase efficiency. They are intuitive, smart, and simple. It’s easy to understand and manage them.

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