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Top 10 Youtube Tools to know: Guide for Video Marketing

There has been no dispute of the boundless influence YouTube has over the people. You must know these youtube tools to become a better marketer. This is because of the impact videos can impart to the audience. With the human brain having the capacity to process videos 60,000 times more than a text.

Information sharing through videos has been considered to be more engaging these days. YouTube does have a great role in increasing the video culture among the public.

Well, if you are an entrepreneur or an influencer on social media, It is one of the major platforms where you should be marking your presence as it is one of the major floors to prove your abilities.

Uploading a video and waiting for it to be watched by the whole world wouldn’t just get your work done. You could actually explore the potentials of YouTube, thereby use few tools to bring out the real emotions in the videos to the outside world.

As a result, marketers use YouTube to create videos and to use the same to publicize and expand their branding. Many brands create viral content on YouTube. Best digital marketing companies in Bangalore helps them to create viral content for the brands to reach the audience and it will also boost the PR of the brand as well.

Both creating videos and bringing them to the target audience is not a piece of cake, but a really gentle and fine work is done with the required youtube tools to know and for acquaintance. It also helps with youtube analytics.

Check out the list of  Top 10 Youtube tools to know for video marketing 

  1. BuzzSumo

Whenever you release content, it must be one that attracts the audience and that creates curiosity and interest in them. BuzzSumo provides you with a chance to know the most trending topics, the best ideas that can be put up in front of the audience.

With an array of trusted clients depending on their back, BuzzSumo provides these facilities as a result of the efficient content insights and strategies.

They provide the facilities of content discovery, which gives you new ideas for videos, content research, which is actually an index of billions of articles and posts. They help you find influencers and track the real happening in online space.

  1. TubeBuddy

The complete toolkit that helps you find the best options for growing your channel. And the best part is, the toolkit will be functioning within YouTube itself.

TubeBuddy is a youtube tools to know for video marketing and youtube analysis. This can be used by creators, brands, agencies, networks etc to avail their functionalities. They provide you with a lot of functionalities in productivity, bulk processing, Video SEO, Promotion, and Data and research.

They also have few tools arranged for Alexa. With free and priced tariffs, they provide you with different options for the services they assist in.

  1. Pixlr

With different video editing apps, YouTube marketing strategies and tools building up your channel, sometimes the basic necessities are forgotten. A well-crafted thumbnail is worth a hundred words explaining the content.

A clickbait kind of thumbnail can arouse eagerness in the people and make them watch the video. Also, Pixlr allows you to add images to your videos, add layers and edit the same in the most professional way.

  1. Vidiq

Vidiq is a one-stop hub for knowing more about your channel and to keep a track on your analytics. The tool allows you to get more views by helping you with maximizing the organic reach.

The tool helps you know what’s working, what’s not working and what can be done to put your content in the best shape.

Also, it is always better to know your competitors’ move too. VidIq lets you know a sneak peek of the same too. YouTube productivity tools help you spend more time on creating the video.

  1. Brand24

Brand24 helps you majorly in reaching places where there is social mention. It specifically identifies your mentions and helps you reach back. This can increase your engagement in the YouTube community, thereby increasing your public appearance too.

Also, it provides you with the sentimental analysis, where you’ll be getting positive, negative and neutral comments and responses classified based on your content. Brand24 gives you an influencer score that lets you know the most influencer.

  1. GoAnimate

Marketers have found video marketing to be really effective and for the same reasons, animated videos made to increase the followers are so on hike these days.

The other youtube tool to know is GoAnimate helps you create such videos with basic knowledge and skills in animation videos. It is useful for the youtube intro maker. GoAnimate has the drag and drop options that help you in creating scenes for animation, add voiceovers provide with natural background and all allied activities.

The company now known as Vyond is the perfect solution for your professional animation videos.

  1. HootSuit

HootSuite is a great time saver and the best youtube tool that helps you manage your  account as well as all other social media platforms at the same time.

It is very important that you stay consistent in posting videos and be predictable for your viewers so they can wait for your videos on time.

HootSuite will help you schedule posting videos on YouTube in prior thereby helping you stay consistent. HootSuite allows your coworkers to work on your account without sharing your password.

It allows to analyze subscriber growth and to analyze engagement levels.

  1. KeyWordTool

SEO is a real thing and you’ve got to work hard on it to make yourselves visible to the world.

Keywords are the biggest shot in this and finding the perfect keyword that can gain you the traffic and engagement in your page are key.

Youtube KeyWordTool helps you in this regard. This free tool can let you know which words or phrases are striking and optimized for YouTube.

  1. CoSchedule

With the basics of YouTube laid, a strong and catchy headline is really important to share the videos as it is the first thing that people see outside YouTube on different social media platforms.

Co-Schedule provides with the best headlines with the perfect combination of keywords and greater visibility checks done to increase the traffic.

  1. Agora Pulse

With Agora Pulse, online social media management becomes much easier and it is a complete suite that helps you manage the messages, reply to them and be updated on whatever is happening with your channel.

It provides you with a content calendar where you can schedule, queue, and bulk upload your posts etc. One-click reports give you analytics and responses to let you know of your growth.

With different tools arising each day to help you and your social career take the next step, you’ve always got to take the best option from the available. With these tools, it is a sure fact that you can make a long way up to the top.

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