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Tips on Printing Appealing Apparel Gift Boxes for Fall/Winter Accessories

If you want to survive and thrive in the post pandemic apparel industry, think out of the box ways to woo the shoppers. Customers aren’t much interested in investing in clothing items. How do you want to go about capturing their attention and making your products worth noticing with them? Intriguing and interactive packaging can be your shot for pitching and promoting the offers. Use riveting boxes for displaying the fall/winter accessories especially the socks, gloves and scarfs that will get in high demand. Compelling packaging would stir the interest of the shoppers; they will feel attracted to your offers. 

Pleasing apparel boxes showcasing the woolen and other fabric goods would make your offers hard to miss. You can use the packaging for enlightening consumers about the latest styles you have in stock. Provide your social media profile links on the boxes and online store’s address so that shoppers can explore what’s new and trending. Packaging can give an account of the newest collection and what’s the concept behind it. The boxes can bring you these and other fruitful results if you have them customized by a printing professional. Look out for a printer that has worked with apparel businesses and is acquainted with latest printing techniques. 

Once you make sure that the vendor you are signing up with is competent, share your concerns and requirements in detail. 

We have tips on personalizing gift packaging for apparel!

Use Themed Boxes 

If you have a whole collection for Christmas and New Year’s, get special boxes made with artwork like Santa, snow and jingle bells. Many shoppers will be looking for presents to give to loved ones; such packaging would make the pick easier for them. Discuss your product range with the printer and ask for box styles suggestions for the dresses, shirts, ties and children’s clothes.

Storable and Multi-Purpose Apparel Box Packaging 

Boxes for apparel can be made long lasting and worth keeping by having them printed by quality stocks. Ask the printer to guide you about the printing materials used for retail packaging. Compare their thickness, durability and flexibility to known which one of them would sustain your products. Spacious boxes would be stocked by the users for storing and organizing different items, it’s a good way to get repeat customers this way as your brand will be remembered. 

Boxes with Embellished Accessories 

Keep ribbons and greeting cards to get the packaging embellished according to a festive or other occasion. You can get artwork variations for the apparel boxes wholesale with colorful pictographic details. Packaging should have clear instructions about caring and handling the fabric especially the one that needs cautions with ironing and washing. 

2-piece boxes are usually used for clothing items but you can consider other packaging styles as well. Make sure that the die-cut or some other layout you select should be simple to open, close and carry for the users. Packaging can have insightful info about your brand, what kind of men, women, children wear you are offering along with your top-selling fabric. 

Boxes for leather accessories like belts can be designed differently according to the range you have. Packaging should have your business’ vision and core values to boost the image of your apparel company. List your store locations to facilitate the shoppers. 

For unrivalled custom box design and printing solutions try out Packaging Republic.  Browse through the website to know about the services and how to quickly place your order!

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