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Things to Do In Spain For Fascinating Experience

 Are you planning to spend some quality time with your loved ones in the most beautiful cities in Spain? Then this is the best place for you! As we have curated one of the fascinating lists of things that one must do when visiting Spain. So grab on to your phone and get ready to read the British Airways reservations policy to book your tickets to Spain!

As we all know, Spain has everything to offer for all kinds of travelers, be it an Art and Historical architect enthusiast or just a fellow traveler looking for an escape from his/her routine and indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of nature, Spain disappoints no one! So let’s find out what things can be done to have the best vacation in beautiful Spain!

Visit La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

If you wish to visit one of the most stunning and spectacular architecture, try visiting the Las Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona. It is obvious you do not need an introduction to Barcelona. However, apart from the city’s glitz and glam lies this beautiful Church that speaks out from its stunning architecture and artistic significance. It is the only Church that is still under construction since 1882!

Interestingly, it was built by Antoni Gaudi, who was buried in one of the four chapels of the Church. 

Party your heart out in Ibiza

Ibiza, the party house in the world! Ibiza ensures that every visitor to this city parties the night away and provides the most fun experience to travelers of all age groups. Indulge in the lush Pine trees, warm sands, and incredible landscapes to relax and have some fun with your friends and family. There are 57 different beaches, and over a dozen, boat party hosts departing every day during the high season. Along with being the party hub for many, it even holds some beautiful and secluded places to enjoy a sunset in a peaceful environment. Apart from partying, you can even visit many of its cultural monuments and learn a lot more about its history and culture. 

Have a tomato fight at La Tomatina Festival, Bunol

We all have seen in movies and many sitcoms the famous La Tomatina festival held every year in Banol. Legends say that the festival started from a street fight wherein some people attacked the wrongdoers by throwing tomatoes from the nearby market out of the blue. This started the one and only state-controlled food battle in the world. Here thousands of people participate and have fun. 

Indulge in Delicious Tapas

Tapas was created to have some little amount of food while having a conversation in the middle of dinner with drinks. They are usually made with meats such as veal pork, ham, or fish. These mouth-watering bite-sized Spanish cuisines are best suitable while enjoying a glass of wine and the scenic beauty of Spain. It is recommended to go for tapas bar hopping in Madrid to enjoy the delicious bite-sized flavors of Spain and gush it down with your favorite beverage, or the best, Sangria while enjoying the night in the city. 

Marvel the beautiful Moorish Arches in Cordoba’s Ancient Mosque

Visit the Southern part of Spain if you are an art fanatic. The beautiful region of Andalusia holds a mesmerizing and remarkable history with spectacular architecture. The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is one of the fascinating sites that was built in the 10th century. It consists of 850 Moorish Pillars that make visitors feel like they are in a big jungle of pillars. Get the best view of the city of Cordoba by climbing up the top of the bell tower.

Have some Paella in Valencia

Paella is the best invention in Spain! Experts insist on trying the most delicious paella in Valencia as it is the city where it originated. Savor the delightful paella made from expert chefs’ hands that includes a variety of flavors such as chicken, duck, or the oh-so-soft rabbit! It is recommended first to take the expert reviews from the locals and then visit their favorite restaurant. However, if you get a chance, try visiting a local home to try a plate of paella made by their grannies’ skilled and expert hands to get the best and authentic home-cooked taste. 

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