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Things That Could Be Triggering Your ‘Quaran-skin’ Breakout, How to Deal With Them

Has your skin condition only gotten worse in the thick of coronavirus era?

Awww, same. 

With all the unpredictable things that freaked us out in a flash, skincare has probably submerged to the bottom of our main priority lists. And before we knew it, the breakout had gone too far. Now, what?

First two weeks in the pandemic, the main goal was to isolate ourselves, wash our hands obsessively and get a whole stash of food and essentials to help survive the hibernation. Come next week, my face started rebelling and it was scaring me off because zits never really healed like they supposed to. 

Thanks to my trusted online shops and home delivery services that remained active amidst the community lockdown, I was able to try using a whole new fix of skincare products. BUT! After doing all the beauty routines and facing the mirror, begging those pimples to just go away and leave my face alone, nothing has changed and it’s not getting any better week after week. 

Ugh. Frustrating, right? 

If you find yourself in the same position, know that there are certain reasons why our skin may be acting a little weird and unpredictable these days. Although this quarantine has deprived us from so many skin stressors like makeup, pollution and too much sun exposure, some newfound reasons at home could be the ones to blame for this abominable quaranskin. 


The mere fact that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic is what bounds us to increase our stress levels. There’s no escaping that when our body gets stressed, it releases an increased level of cortisol. This type of hormone is responsible for increasing oil production, which in turn causes horrible acne breakout. Check out these amazing tips on how to fight boredom and anxiety during self-isolation period.     

Sleep Deprivation 

Lots of factors have greatly influenced our sleeping patterns: stressful life events, irregular sleep schedules, inactive lifestyle and more free time for binge-watching. Not getting enough sleep does not only worsen our skin conditions but it also weakens our body’s immune system. By changing your sleep habits and dealing with the factors that may be associated with sleep deprivation can help restore a good night’s sleep.     

Too Much Screen Exposure

Ever since we’ve been inside, our smartphones and TVs have been our best companions and sources of entertainment, rescuing us from the dullness of life at home. Sure, we’ve also made a few times connecting with our loved ones by talking more on the phone. Ever heard of acne mechanica? It’s the skin irritation that forms when we keep our phones up against our cheeks for a few hours. The heat sensation that we feel from our phones releases blue-light friction, which triggers acne breakout. 

Try using earphones when making a call to prevent direct skin contact with your phone. Screen surfaces can also accumulate dirt and bacteria from your hands, so make sure you clean your devices properly before and after use.      

Bad Eating Habits

Too much consumption of sugar and carbohydrates can get your acne breakout even worse. Admit it or not, delectable (and unhealthy) food cravings became our comfort zones since the start of the pandemic. However, the change in our eating behaviour could be one of the reasons why our skin is suddenly misbehaving. So, learn to undo your bad eating habits if you want your skin to get back to normal. 

Use of Face Masks

Face coverings may protect us from catching the virus, but they can irritate the skin — causing acne breakouts and other impurities to go astray. Make sure your washable masks are clean before wearing them. Never wear makeup underneath your mask since cosmetics can cause skin irritation when oil or sebum builds because of in-closed heat.   

Not Applying Sunscreens (Really!)

Just because you stuck yourself indoors does not mean you stop wearing sunscreens. Ultraviolet rays can still pass through windows, which is why applying sunscreens while you are inside the house is advised to help protect your skin from UV rays and blue light.

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