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The Best Beachfront Residential Communities in Dubai

Dubai is home to luxurious residential communities that offer state of the art apartments, townhouses and villas for sale. All sorts of settings exist in Dubai, from mid-city communities in Dubai Marina to serene suburban neighborhoods on the edge of the emirate. However, it’s exotic and appealing to find an apartment, flat, townhouse or villa communities in Dubai placed near the pristine beaches it features.

Let’s take a look at some of the best beachfront residential communities in Dubai:

Palm Jumeirah:

Rightfully called the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, Palm Jumeirah is one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in the emirate. Featuring a lifestyle that caters to the needs of all classes outside the communities and the most comfortable spaces inside them, Palm Jumeirah appeals to everyone.

You can find all sorts of spaces in the neighbourhood and in all prices and settings as well. From luxury villas with gardens and swimming pools to cosy studio apartments on high-rise towers; everything is available for everyone along with the gorgeous setting, amenities and facilities of the community. Some of the top developers have made the most of the area and launched great projects such as Emaar Beachfront. This master developer has helped some of the finest properties that offer amazing views of the emirate as well as the sea. You can find Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2 and Jumeirah 3 to be appealing communities to live in.

Not only is the area superb for bachelors, but it’s also great for families and newly married couples who wish to have all facilities. You can find everything you’ll need from the city in the area of Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai Canal:

Dubai Canal is another neighbourhood that focuses on providing the best features to the emirate’s residents. Along with top-notch amenities and facilities such as hospitals, restaurants, malls, etc., the area offers some of the finest living options as well. Many developments in the area boast of a comfortable lifestyle filled with all the prerequisites not far from everyone’s reach.

Developers like Dar Al Arkan have made spectacular living spaces in communities like I Love Florence in the area. Moreover, you can also find great options in The Pad by Omniyat, which features great off-plan options for investors. The Opus is another mind-blowing project fit for almost 100 residents. The cube-shaped phenomenal building providing luxury amenities to its residents is designed by an architect who’s known for winning the Pritzker Architecture Prize, Dame Zaha Hadid. You can take the help of the best property finder to locate properties in the area of Dubai Canal.


It’d be unfair to talk about beachfront communities without mentioning the Jumeirah Beach Residence that offers its own beaches. The Marina features the most exotic living spaces in the city including the Marina Gate, which is a collection of 3 towers each going at least 53-64 storeys high. With great transit systems, the best restaurants and malls along with retail centres that feature brands from all over the world, JBR promises it all.

You can find luxury studios, 1-3-bedroom spaces along with luxury villas and townhouses for sale and rent in the area as well. Also adding to the plentiful characteristics of the place is the Bluewaters Island. There are skyscrapers and top-notch architectural buildings in the neighborhood that offer exotic views of the skyline and the ocean on the horizon. Some of the tallest buildings of Dubai are in the Marina as well.

Dubai Creek Harbor:

This is perhaps one of the most anticipated projects in the city that features the traditional and cultural aspect. Top of the line developer, Emaar has already established great landmark projects such as The Cove Dubai which features luxurious 3-bedroom apartments. One can even view the exotic wildlife park of Ras Al Khor from their bedroom windows in The Cove. Stepping outside in the Creek Harbor, one can find all the great malls of Downtown Dubai, with Arabian, Chinese, International and Indian restaurants in Dubai.

Similarly, The Address is another great residential community that offers two gleaming towers featuring spacious living spaces. These apartments, ranging from studios to 3-bedrooms will present residents with the opportunity to enjoy everything the Creek Harbor has to offer. When it comes to being in beachfront residences, seldom rival the area. Especially due to the fact that this neighborhood also features the two rivals of the tallest structure of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa.

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