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Stay Aware Of The Symptoms Of Blood Cancer

When a person develops a condition in which the blood cells in his body does not function properly and/ or starts growing in a rapid and uncontrollable manner, it is can be due to blood cancer.

There are various types of blood cancer, amongst which the most prominent and typical example is leukaemia and myeloma. The other type includes affected bone marrow, growing lumps in the tonsil area or in some other tissue of the body. The concerning fact is that the real cause behind the growth of cancer in the blood cell is not yet discovered.

Apart from being under regular medical check-up to examine any unnatural growth or problem in any part of the body, you should be aware of the symptoms of blood cancer. It will only help you to seek prompt medical attention which may end up being beneficial in saving your life. The way to prevent cancer is not known, but you can surely be responsible enough to start the treatment on due time.

What are the symptoms of blood cancer?

The symptoms of blood cancer can be broadly classified into two types. The first type includes the common symptoms which generally take place while the cancer is still at the initial stage. The other type talks about the serious symptoms which require medical help right away since the slightest of negligence can be fatal to life.

  1. Symptoms like tremendous pain in the upper abdomen or in any of the joints like knee, arm or shoulder are very common in case of blood cancer. The victim will also encounter fatigue and enlargement in the liver and other glands which may result in other medical conditions.
    Recurrent fever and the temperature going up really high along with infections in various areas of the body that too, at regular intervals are some of the visible symptoms of blood cancer.
  2. In the initial stage of this type of cancer one may also suffer from breaking of bones and sprain in muscles very often. He/she will suffer from bruises and bleeding.
    Apart from this, unnatural conditions like repeatedly going to the bathroom for urination or nausea while traveling or sitting idle and shiver, sweat and chill down the spine while trying to sleep points visible problems with health.
  3. Extreme weight loss in a very short period of time is one of the most significant signs of blood cancer in both primary and advanced stage.
  4. Amongst the symptom of extreme or advanced cases of blood cancer, the most vivid one is of losing consciousness very often and for an extended period of time. Pain in and around the chest area, heart and having a higher heart rate is not a symbol of a healthy body.Mood swings, hallucinations, fear are frequent in this stage of blood cancer along with breathing issues, seizures and heavy bleeding that will not stop quickly.
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In case you are facing any of these symptoms, please seek medical help immediately and ask your doctor about what are the symptoms of blood cancer apart from the above stated you should take care of.


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