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Slate cleaning problems and best possible solutions

Slates grace the flooring of many households, restaurants and offices. Being unique in their appearance and quality, they tend to be expensive and valuable. A lot of people take pride in being slate owners. This is mostly because ceramic tiles have largely substituted slate floors and are dominant in tile industries; this factor contributes to making slates more unique consequently adding to their value. A couple of other reasons also contribute to the overall preference of slates.

Qualities of Slate Tiles

Most people argue that slate has the following qualities;

1. Durability: Slate flooring material is made of natural stone and thereby has higher quality and durability as compared to any of its fellow tiles. This quality makes them resistant to scratches, cracks and deterioration. With proper care and cleaning, slate tiles last longer and need not be replaced as frequently as other tiles. 

2. Unique: Varying in texture, colour and designs, slates come in numerous types and from different geographical locations which makes them stand out in being unique. 

3. Easily repairable: Even though slates are known for their longevity, some natural conditions such as weather may cause damage. However, this damage can be easily overcome by implementing just the right methods and utilizing the best-suited slate floor cleaners. 


Drawbacks of Slate Tiles

1. Costly: Owing to their uniqueness, slates tiles are more expensive than other tiles. Moreover, the added cost of instalment of these tiles involves, in general, the expenditure of a handsome amount of money.

2. Time-consuming Installation: Although the installation of slate tile is similar to that of ceramic tile, precise installation is critical with slate due to its brittle nature. Slate tile, like all-natural stone, is difficult to cut without special tools. Moreover, its installation involves the application of both penetrating and surface sealers which doubles both the effort and the money involved.

3. Required Maintenance: There is a certain amount of maintenance that is required to keep a slate tile floor looking attractive. During installation, the tiles must be sealed both with a penetrating sealer to close tiny pores in the stone, then a surface sealer to create a protective surface. 

Due to the aforementioned characteristics of slate floors, their domestic cleaning and maintenance are considered a challenge; and rightly so. Even though slates are highly durable, the grout lines between slates are susceptible to the accumulation of dirt and dust. Also, the installation of slate floors in damp places automatically increases the probability of mould and mildew formation. Moreover, the choice of cleaning agent utilized in slate cleaning is decisive, because many detergents can react to surfaces based on their acidic or alkaline nature. In this regard, however, slate floors provide a wide choice because they normally have resistance towards mildly acidic cleaning solutions. 

The fact that at the time of installation, slates require the application of both penetrating and surface sealers gives an insight regarding how complex the task of slate cleaning and maintenance is. Being made of a highly porous material, slates are ideal sites for bacteria, debris and water to seep in and cause premature aging. Therefore, while installing, sealing a slate is vital. For this purpose, a penetrating sealer is applied on slate whereas the after installation process requires a coat of a surface sealer. Both these sealers, according to the nature of their function, defend the slate against contamination and fungal growth for a long period alongside aiding the process of sealing a slate floor. 

slate cleaning and resealing

Leave it to the Experts!

We know we have detailed you enough about the problems of slate cleaning and resealing, but don’t fret because we will now talk about the best possible solutions for these challenges.

The first and foremost trick to uphold the quality of any kind of floor-be it ceramic tiles or slate tiles- is to clean it with a mop and cleaning agent every day. This gets rid of the contamination daily and prevents the pile-up of dirt over time. Moreover, daily maintenance techniques prolong the life of your sealers as well. Nonetheless, one day or another the need for in-depth cleaning does come knocking on your door, and when it does; don’t ignore it. Rather call some professionals and we will knock your problems right out the door. 

Our team utilizes the best slate floor cleaners and sealers used for sealing a slate floor. Slate cleaning and resealing is a matter which should not be handled by anyone other than experts. Our teams’ area of expertise lies in the very task. Not only do we ensure proper slate cleaning and resealing, but we also utilize top of the shelf slate floor cleaners in the process. Our guaranteed proficiency and accuracy of methods are bound to leave both your slate floors and your entire place looking refreshed. 

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