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Skills that you can learn from 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh


The 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh is about learning yoga as well as the required skills to become a teacher of standardized yoga. Teaching requires confidence and that comes from how much you know about the subject. It also comes from the teaching skills carried by you. So here in Rishikesh, you will be given complete training as to how to teach after you learned enough yoga.

This is a course that will include everything such as Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Vinyasa flow yoga, Chanting of mantras, human anatomy, mudra poses, history as well as the philosophy of yoga along with the teaching techniques. You will have the chance to build a strong foundation for your future in yoga teaching through the best yoga teacher training India.

Furthermore, one may know that our school has accreditation under the Yoga Alliance. This makes it one of the schools, studying from where you too will have the Yoga Alliance accreditation for teaching yoga. You will be recognized as one of the most suitable teachers in the world for such courses. 

Aims and objectives of the course

Here are some of the important objectives with which the yoga teacher training is provided:

  • Practice on a regular basis: Regular practice is a must to achieve confidence in yoga. So when yoga and its teaching as taught herein Rishikesh, you are made to practice daily as per a fixed schedule. This brings discipline and helps you do learning based on a better basis. 
  • Learning the anatomy and physiology of yoga: You get to find the connection between yoga and your muscular and skeletal systems through the course. It helps you to know more about your own body and co-relate it all with the asanas and practices of yoga. This involves the impact of the asanas upon the body.
  • Learning to be a good teacher: Teaching skills, such as managing a class are taught to the pupils. One needs to have a firm grasp of teaching techniques besides a thorough knowledge of yoga itself. You also learn to motivate your future students.
  • Incorporation of Patanjali yoga sutras: The yoga sutras of Patanjali are studied and taught to be incorporated into your daily lives and daily yoga practice.

Working with all such objectives helps bring about a transformation among the learners.

What kind of schedule will you be following?

You will have a fixed schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner and for various kinds of yoga learning. 

Here is a sequence in the schedule that is to be followed:

  • Every day you will be starting with breathing practice, pranayama, chanting of mantras and meditation.
  • You will then have the asana practice. There are lots of asanas in yoga and you will be taught to carry out some particular asanas at the time.
  • This will be followed by your time for breakfast. This generally consists of a traditional Indian vegetarian breakfast.
  • You will have lectures on overall yoga philosophy that will include Indian mythology, mantra healing, chakra healing and more during best yoga teacher training India.
  • Then will be the classes for the art of teaching.
  • Lunch will be followed by some rest and personal study time, after which the class will be on yoga anatomy.
  • Hatha yoga class will be your next move, which will be further followed by evening breathing and meditation sessions with expert yoga trainers.
  • Finally, there will be dinner accompanied by some idle time and group networking. This helps you to create your personal networks or connection with people around.

With this amazing schedule, you will be transforming your lives into very rich and emotionally fulfilling lives. 

Facilities available for you at Rishikesh

After joining the school, you will enjoy several accommodation facilities provided for learners like you. You will have complete comfort of neat and clean rooms and all necessary facilities such as western-style washrooms. You will have required bolsters, blocks and cushions in the yoga hall. These are in addition to the necessary furniture, attached bathrooms, free Wi-Fi facility, continuous running water, great food, hot and cold water availability and security through CCTV.  

Healthy enriching food

This is the facility of healthy food for all students, who wish to be future yoga teachers. One may know some specifications about the food provided. Because food relates to the body, you are given very healthy food that is best for your body transformation as per yoga during the 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. The diets you will have will be based on natural healing, energizing and rejuvenating elements. You will be enjoying great vegetarian recipes.

Rules and regulations

There will be some guidelines and rules to be followed strictly. For example, you need to be present in the classes and have a hundred percent attendance unless the reason is an illness. You will be going through several tests for your assessment from time to time. This will keep you on your toes. One may not be allowed to use electronic gadgets while the classes are still going on. 

These are some of the accommodation facilities and rules you should know about.  


Aadi Yoga School is a popular school for yoga teacher training of students who come from various parts of the world. Rishikesh itself is beautifully scenic and it is very enriching to be a part of this world for your training period. You will have your best yoga teacher training India.

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