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Home Business SEO strategy: how to use right keywords in your content

SEO strategy: how to use right keywords in your content

SEO strategy: how to use the right keywords in your content

s.e.o pic
s.e.o pic

Three necessary steps not to forget if you want to exploit SEO keywords in the best way.

Discover the questions and requests of your buyer personas.

Study your buyer personas: background, demographic information, goals, challenges, and fears. Be clear on how you can help him and what common or potential objections he might bring.

This way, you understand their goals and the best content that suits them, the content that points directly to their needs, written in the language of your buyer personas.

That is how you discover the keywords to use.

Do not underestimate the language of the person who is looking for you: would they write more easily “free” or “free”? “Agency” or “company”? “Inbound marketing” or “internet marketing”?

If your pages are indexed with keywords that no one is looking for, how can you take advantage of them?

Study his buyer’s journey to find “buyer keywords“: in the various steps, your buyer personas look for different information and different contents! You must have keywords and content ready for both awareness, consideration, and decision!

Add the info on buyer personas and buyer’s journey, and you will get the perfect content to create!

Check if you can rank for those keywords.

There are not a few sites; there are more than a thousand pages that want to rank with your same keyword. But only 10 make it to the front page!

How do you go about winning?

First: you have to understand that there are keywords that are more difficult to rank. Indeed, more people want to talk about kissAnime” rather than “beach holidays in hotels with young children.” Use long-tail keywords: you will have less competition and qualified visitors. SEO and conversion leads will be more comfortable.

Second: you have to study your competitors. What are they talking about, and above all: what are they not talking about this?. Explore new topics, create content today and position it for the future. Test topics and channels, then analyze them and follow the ones that gave you the best results.

Create content and optimize it in the best way

Now that you have the keywords, you have to write the content to hit the mark with your SEO content strategy! It’s a long job, but it’s worth it. Remember to write different content types: email, blog, website, and everything that comes to mind. If you want help speeding up times, HubSpot is the platform for you.

To optimize the articles and pages, you have chosen with the keyword, always remember that you must add it:

  1. In the Page Title
  2. In the Page URL
  3. In the Page Header
  4. In the text
  5. In the Images’ Alt text (Google can’t read the images, help him understand what they represent!)
  6. In the Meta Description

Instead, avoid:

  1. Add keywords if there is no real need. They will be considered spam.
  2. Worry about the perfect keyword density. You don’t have to write for the search engines but your reader.
  3. Highlight, underline, or bold the keywords to make them stand out. We were no longer in 2010.

Now all you have to do is find the right software to get among the top Google results. A good software recommends the SEO keywords for which you should position the site, check that they are entered correctly as we have just said, and follow all the SEO rules that we mentioned in our next post “Website optimizationhere are the effective seo techniques “. But more importantly: it saves you time and reduces your optimization work to a minimum.


Kamran Sandhu

Kamran Sandhu is a blogger and technical writer. He has vast experience in the field of digital marketing as content writer, Proofreader and editor in multiple niches.a

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