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Savvy Consumer Guide – Tips to AC Replacement in 2020

If summer temperatures leave you hot under the collar, you are not alone. Around 70% of US homes are air-conditioned and 90% of new build houses are equipped with a central air system. Those people who are eco-conscious will be pleased to know that current AC Replacement are energy-efficient which means they cost you less while keeping you cool throughout hot weather.

It is advised that homeowners should replace their AC units if used more than 10 years or above. The main reason behind this according to Dept of Energy & Environmental Protection Agency is, “replacing AC units after using 10 or more years can save up to energy consumption.”

Factors to Consider Before AC Replacement

Few points to remember before heading towards AC replacement in Arlington TX. Know about the up-front cost vs long term savings also the brand reputation of AC is very important to know before going to pay the bill.

Is it the Right Time to Replace Your Unit?

Five signs that your AC needs a replacement;

  1. Generally, AC equipment has a lifespan of 10-15 years; you may have noticed that once it’s getting old, more and more issues will be popping up.
  2. Don’t waste your hard-earned money to fix your old AC after it breaks down again and again. Instead, go for affordable AC replacement and keep yourself comfortable.
  3. Your AC may not work efficiently over the time which means it consumes more energy to get the same results. Upgrading your equipment can slash your bill.
  4. AC must cool the place and remove humidity; if there is a hot and stuffy area at your place then you may need to replace your AC or duct work.
  5. Air conditioners usually make some noise because it might be too small for your home and need to struggle hard to cool it whereas the larger cooling system can run quietly.

    heating and cooling
                                   AC replacement

SEER & Energy Efficiency

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is an indicator of how efficient is your unit working. The higher the number, the more efficiently it works and also lowers the energy consumption cost. So, it is highly recommended to purchase high SEER units.

There is a simple step to save money; replace your AC unit with trusted brands with high SEER ratings and rebates.

Know the difference between HVAC before Replacing Air Conditioner

If you visit a market for purchasing new AC, you might need to hire some professional to install it properly. So, you should know about the brands, models, their sizes, and some financing options before making a final purchase.

Try to shop local HVCA because if you ever need maintenance you won’t have to visit the retailer or find the makers. It’s very rare to replace a system and sometimes people prefer going for a new one because the repairs cost them as much as a new system.

Best HVAC manufacturers

You have iPhone, latest model of Civic, reading this article on mini Mac while drinking Starbucks! Brands have burned into the Psyche of us. That’s where in most cases you pick brand first then visit a dealer or retailer. You will see six HVCA equipment manufacturers in the US but they work with more than 150 brands so do your research before jumping into the market to get one for replacing the older unit.

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