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QuickBooks Error OL-301

QuickBooks Error OL-301 happens to be one of the most disturbing errors of all time. Using the software, all you expect is your accounts, bookkeeping and other financial tasks are done with ease. Errors can ruin your energy, waste your time, and be unable to handle further tasks. As you try to download the bank transaction, this error pops out.

The QuickBooks Error OL-301 usually occurs when a temporary bank server issue arises or your company files are having severe problems in it. This is an online banking error, which seems to disturb your time using the software, especially while accessing, downloading any transaction. However, the issues can be resolved, and you can again enjoy using the software with ease. If you are wondering how? This article will explain to you what is the error and how you can resolve it.

What does QuickBooks Error Code OL-301 mean?

As you come across a QuickBooks error message OL-301, it definitely indicates the issues with the communication between QuickBooks and your bank. If there is even a slight change in the account information, or if you have disabled any service, you will see the error. You will also be recommended by the software to reach out to a financial institution with this error code. If the software anyhow fails to recognize the user information or verification, the error will come up. 

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What are the possible causes behind the error that have occurred? 

  1. Any communication problem between the bank and the QuickBooks can lead to the bank connection error of two types: OL 301 and OL 393.
  2. A service you wish to make use of is disabled, and for that, activation is the first most to be done.
  3. You are signing in to use your online transaction for banking, but your login credentials are not correct.
  4. You have noticed an inactive status for your account, which is causing QuickBooks the error.
  5. If in case, due to any reason, your account is blocked by your financial institution, you are definite to see the error popping on your screen
  6. The bank is trying to process your identity by confirmation request, and there are some issues with the identification process.
  7. A damaged or corrupted file in your company file can trigger issues causing errors OL 301 and OL 393.

If you are facing the issue, and there is no sign of hope to fix the error. You can always reach out to technical staff. You are wondering what QuickBooks Technical Support Number is? You can contact support@cpadesk.us.

How Can I Fix the Error? 

Create a Test Company File 


  • When you create a test file, it indicates the actual reason for the error, if it lies in the company file or due to the bank. 
  • First, Select a New Company. This is done by navigating the file menu
  • Next, you need to select the Express start in order to proceed further.
  • Moving on, you need to provide the Setup window by adding all the necessary information and then you can choose to create a company.
  • Once you have followed the above procedure, you can move ahead by checking if the QuickBooks error OL-301 is displayed again. If yes, this means the error is arising due to a wrong connection from your bank. 
  • You can also check if there were any security information passed on to you from the financial institution.
  • Re-establish Connection to the Bank

After the first method showing no sign of relief, you can move on and try this method. Here, you need to check for bank connections and reset the setting if they are not intact. To get the job done, you need to turn it off and then on your bank feeds.

This refresh action makes fix specific connection settings, and this will appropriate the bank details too. If you can repeat the steps a couple of times, you will notice your bank connection error might be resolved. Deactivating and Reactivating bank feeds will actually make a difference and resolve your issues too.

  • Run Verify and Rebuild Utilities
  • Move to file, in that Utilities and then Verify the Data
  • Click on OK to close the options, majorly all options in the window
  • If the software doesn’t detect any kind of problems with data, choose OK 
  • Now, if the software does find an issue with the data, click on Rebuild
  • Move to file in that Utilities and then click Rebuild Data
  • Click on OK, and then Save further to create a backup
  • Once the Rebuild is done, you can click on View results
  • Now, if you figure out 0 issues, you can proceed further with the below steps
  • If you find out any issues with the data, you can speak with your expert

These steps, if you follow, will help you get rid of the errors quickly. The QuickBooks Error OL-301 will be resolved in no time when you follow the steps mentioned above. Enjoy using the software and make the most out of it.

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