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Home Business Preparing for the Holidays: 6 Things to do at your Retail Store

Preparing for the Holidays: 6 Things to do at your Retail Store

The holiday season is about to start. As we are all getting into the festive spirit, not everyone is equally excited about this. However, this is one of the most magical seasons and it is the time to show the people we love just how much we care about them. That is exactly why we buy so many presents from the moment December starts. If you are a business owner, more specifically a retail store owner, you should know that you’ll have more business than ever. Here are some tips to help you help your customers shop at your retail store during the holiday season. 

Provide delivery and pickup options 

Since people will buy more, it’s in your and their best interest that you make the website much easier for navigation. Make sure to think of your target audience and act accordingly. People will visit your website more often and they’ll want to find what they’re looking for rather quickly. The key to a successful business is to have happy customers. If people can’t shop quickly and conveniently at your store, they won’t shop there at all.

That is also why you should include both delivery and pick up options for your customers. A free delivery service will definitely draw traffic to your store and even make them want to make a purchase more. Including a pickup option is also pretty useful and you can promote it by offering incentives for people who choose this method. 

Have both voice and visual searches available 

Another useful idea to make the shopping experience more convenient for your customers is by including both voice and visual searches. It can get pretty bad if the search engine doesn’t display the relevant results. People have no time or patience to deal with that. On the other hand, these kinds of searches can make the purchase journey much more efficient and enjoyable. 

If you provide potential customers with voice-enabled or visual-enabled shopping, they’ll find what they’re looking for within minutes. By using voice commands or images, they’ll avoid entering the wrong queries. You can even go for personalized marketing and make the whole experience even more convenient for the customers. You will also track what are the shopping patterns of your customers which will help you do your business much better. 

Offer product recommendations of higher quality

When people are buying gifts, they’re usually not really sure about what they want to get. That means that this is a perfect opportunity for you to suggest the best you have. You can now upsell, down-sell or cross-sell and that will benefit both you and the customer. For instance, cross-selling is a great idea. 

If you want to do this, all you need to do is simply offer some similar or related items on the website after a certain item is clicked. For instance, if the customer has clicked off the shoulder dresses, your website can display different sorts of dresses or skirts. Don’t forget to show recommendations with high reviews, enable geo-targeting, show the best sellers, and use cookies to keep track of the customer behavior. 

Update your store’s policies 

If you want to be at the top of your game when it comes to owning a successful business, you need to pay attention to every detail. One of the things you should definitely not neglect is your return policy. As it was already said, people are now mostly buying presents. If they’re unhappy with the size or the material of the purchased item, they might want to return it or exchange it. That is exactly why you should pay special attention to your return policies now and update them if needed. 

If there are any irregularities in your return policies, make sure to fix the issue. Don’t forget about the current state with the coronavirus outbreak and make sure to make the store policies suit the situation. You need to do your best to show your customers what to expect if they want to return a product. That is best achieved with a clear return policy and updated FAQs sections and support pages. 

Back-up your store

Since the holiday season is often defined as excess shopping, you’ll need to expect a lot of purchases in your retail store. People will be buying a lot and it’s best if you already have everything they might need. If there are too many people buying online, you can expect your servers to get a bit overwhelmed. If this happens, you may experience some downtime and lost sales. To avoid that, make sure that you back-up everything on time. 

For instance, you can start by backing-up the coupon codes and product images and work your way through all the databases, files, configurations, and settings. The best way to be prepared for anything is to expect the worst. If you do this, even if your site goes offline, you won’t have trouble recovering it. 

Offer some gift cards 

Finally, including some gift cards is a great way to boost your sales. Gift cards will also enhance customer loyalty and retention. Use them to reward your most loyal customers and even include some holiday gift certificates. 

Go with some holiday themes and invest in the marketing of the gift cards. Make sure that every website visitor can see that you have the gift cards available. Also, make sure that the gift card templates are appealing and customizable and you’ll do pretty well this holiday season. 


Being prepared for the holiday season is important for any business. At your retail store, you may have more business than in a month than you’ve had throughout the whole year. With these, tips, you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.

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