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Muslim’s affiliation with Holy places and how they affect them spiritually

All living beings need a place for living. Humans construct houses to live in. These houses can be at any place. Does the place have an impact on the soul? Many say yes because if we stay in a natural environment with good surroundings, it gives peace of mind and enriches the soul. Exploration of new places leads to new adventures and connections. December Umrah Package 2021 is one of the best tourist agencies to take you to your desired destination with full reliability.

Traveling heals the soul and refreshes the mind. Many people who know this love to travel near mountains, rivers, or in deep snow. People love to explore new places. But in a few places, people love to go again and again. These places are where you connect with the Supreme Power of the World ‘God’ has created. Or where a person feels emotionally and mentally uplifted and relaxed. That place can be a church for Christian or it can be a temple for Hindus. Muslims have two very religious and precious places in the KSA. Where they love to go again and again.

Even Muslims pray to spend the last moments of their life in these Holy places. These Holy places are Makah and Medina located in KSA. In These places, Muslims feel a deep connection with Allah Almighty. These places have an incredible impact on mind, body and soul. In these places, we love to rewind and refresh your mind and uplift your positive thinking.

What is Spirituality?

The concept of Spiritually is different all around the world. Many think it is just a soul, some say it is what God gave it to them to become a better person and make the earth a better place for everyone. Spirituality is not merely a word or line to define. It is different for everyone, in every culture and every religion. But in the collective sense, it is where a human being feels connected to the supreme Power. Take guidance to perform daily tasks and model life as per the show rules and regulations. Spiritually meaning is vast and deep but can be described in a few dimensions of life.

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The real essence of spirituality is to give a purposeful or meaningful life. We are alive not to live the same life daily. Wake up, go to school or college or on Job, come back, and then perform daily responsibilities. But many of us are unable to see the big picture of life. Life’s real essence is caring, loving, and committed relationships. And Life’s true purpose is to connect with the divine and be in that state of mind till the soul merges with supreme Power. This journey started with traveling and exploring various aspects of nature and visiting holy places. December Umrah Package 2021 is available for support in all aspects of life.

Spirituality and Mental Health

Nowadays many psychological and mental health problems pop up and increase the darkness around us. Psychologists and behavioral psychologists try to find out the reason. The main reason is unhealthy and artificial life that influence the brain not to work accurately. These dark sides of the personality are treated in many ways but psychologists found out through experiments that the best solution is only refilling the soul-conscious with a Higher Power. These problems are better treated through solving inner or soul problems. This needs to be a special connection with the soul and with the spirit creator. It all requires creating awareness among young and middle-aged people. Re-establishing the soul connection with the Higher power.

Muslims’ concept of Spirituality and Holy places

Every religion has different concepts on the soul so does the Muslim concept is not different than the others. Muslims also believe in the existence of the soul. Muslims believe that a body is merely nothing, just soil collected from different places of the earth. The actual thing in the body is the soul. Muslims’ beliefs on after-death are a bit different as per Islamic rules and teaching. They also believe and trust the deep concept of the Holy places. The connection with these places is inevitable. Muslims are deeply connected with these two places. Muslims go there to perform their Islamic ritual “Hajj and Umrah”.

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Mecca is considered the holiest place located in Saudi Arabia. Mecca is followed by the Al-Masjid an- Haram. There, Muslims perform religious rituals like Hajj and Umrah facing toward Ka’abah. This place is also known as the base camp for Islam and the birthplace of Muslim’s last Prophet (PBUH) and  Medinah another very holy place. In Medinah Muslim’s last Prophet(PBUH) is buried (Roz-Mubarak). Muslims from all around the world especially visit and say Salam to the Last Prophet (PBUH). These places increase the soul power. People feel very connected in these places.  December Umrah Package 2021 is known as the best agency in providing facilities for Islamic rituals of “Hajj and Umrah“.

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