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Know Everything About Eye Surgery And Eye Surgeons

Eye surgery is a standard surgical treatment. Eye issues that cannot be treated with medicines need operations. It is the best way to treat a problem and get better results permanently.

The benefits of post-surgery are long term, and patients get back to their healthy life within a short period.

Where To Do Eye Surgery?

Eye surgeries can be performed in an eye hospital or an eye clinic under an experienced and knowledgeable ophthalmologist. Various conditions can be treated with the help of right eye surgery. But this has to be done in a proper, well-equipped place.

Make sure you find the right treatment facility for your eye surgery. Some of the factors that one must consider before choosing the best eye hospital are location, doctor’s reputation, services provided, amenities and cost of treatments.

Why Do You Need To Consult An Eye Surgeon?

An ophthalmologist understands the patient’s medical history and diagnoses as per the symptoms. Certain things that a doctor takes into account before discussing any form of eye surgery are general health of the patient, family history of eye diseases and also the patient’s budget.

He or she can suggest the most reliable and affordable eye clinic or best eye hospital.

Also, the doctor conducts vision tests and other necessary tests to check the issue and diagnose the patient’s condition.

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Types Of Eye Surgeries

Lasik Surgery

This surgical treatment is done to treat refractive errors. People who get LASIK treatment done have clear and improved vision. This surgery treats nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

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There are four types of LASIK treatment, and these are Waterfront-guided LASIK, Wavefront-guided LASIK, Topography-guided LASIK and All-laser LASIK.

Cataract Surgery

To remove the cloudy lens of the eye or cataract, surgery is the best solution. This treatment involves replacing the old natural lens with a new artificial lens.

Glaucoma Surgery

It is an extensive surgery that relieves the intraocular pressure of the eye and protects the eye from losing vision. Different types of eye surgeries can be done for glaucoma treatment. In most cases, trabeculectomy is performed to treat glaucoma.

Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery

Patients who have presbyopia need to get this surgery done. This treatment also includes the removal of the natural lens and replacing it with a new artificial one. This treatment can also be done for hyperopia.

Keratotomy Surgery

It is a corneal surgery procedure done to improve the vision by cutting the cornea.

Which Is The Right Surgery For You?

Without consulting an ophthalmologist, you cannot be sure of your eye problem. After a thorough diagnosis of your eye, the doctor will suggest the most suitable eye surgery treatment.

Eye surgery depends upon your symptoms and other medical conditions that may have influenced your eye problems.

Every surgery has its limitations and certain risks involved. It is always advisable to discuss this with your doctor in detail. Not every patient will require surgery. It depends upon the severity of their eye disease or condition.

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