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How to Write a Blog on Travel Niche

If you want to pour your heart into telling your exciting travel tales, blog writing is a great option for you. Writing blogs on a travel niche allows you to become a storyteller and generates a side hustle for you. So whether you want to give a boost to your travel business such as desert safari Dubai. Or looking for travelling perks to get fulfilled by building professional relationships through your blog. Presenting them in the form of reads is a great idea. Through blog writing, you share your different perspectives on the world. 

As blog writing directly relates to the readers, I’ll let you know what are tips and tricks that will bring the audience willingly to your blog. Sit tight to unlock the catch! 

Tips and Tricks to Write Engaging Travel Blogs

1. Get a Story to Tell 

Create engaging stories by sharing your experience relevant to the speciality of a particular place. Reviewing a specific tourist destination is a great idea. It would be a plus if you go on outings often. Take your readers to the premises of a particular place by sketching a catchy storyline. Build familiarity in your content by adding metaphors and emojis.


You can also tell your wandering stories by journaling. Journaling allows you to be spontaneous & being spontaneous in your content comes up with great results most of the time. While sharing your experience, be precise and determined in providing information. 

  • Be Frank to Address Your Idea

Share tips and tricks and relevant information by being spontaneous about them. This portrays an image that you are guiding people by your own experience. It also creates a realistic storyline and thereby adds reality to your content. 

  • Get Engagement by Adding Humor

You can also make your travel blogs engaging by adding little pieces of humour to them. People love to read stories containing a lighter tone of words. Every venture contains lots of awkward situations and funny moments. Sharing some of those would make your readers stick to your site.

  • How to Stand out?

Interviewing the natives of a particular destination is a great idea for creating unique and interesting blog posts. Communicate with your audience by having a Q & A session from time to time. Implement useful questions of people in your blog post by asking them to leave their queries in the comment section or inbox. The aspiring travel bloggers and enthusiasts surely check out your informative content with focus keywords on it.

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  • Try Writing Reader-friendly Blog

Grab a reader-friendly tone in your blogs so that a reader may stick to your site for long. Remember, you are writing the blog to impress readers with pieces of information, not by hard vocabulary. Choosing a difficult method of communication will lonely to annoy people, which will lead to a reduction in engagement. 

2. Try Pouring Your Perspective 

Write your blog by focusing on the purpose of what you are trying your address. The travel niche holds diversity in it. So it is easier for a travel blog writer to share his perspective by being specific. Ideas for creating a purpose in your content include information regarding accommodations, ticket booking, budget traveling, etc. 

You can also go off the road like food ventures, top 10 amusement parks, road trip hacks, etc. Be specific and watch yourself growing!

3. Research Leads to Good Results

Standing out from the crowd required a lot of research for pouring a unique idea into your head. As the travel businesses are growing at a rapid pace, the number of competitors are is rising accordingly. Remain the trends and new practices of search engines to adapt them timely. Try being unique by not copying others. You can take as many ideas as you want to create content, but it must be unique if you want to stand out. And this requires a lot of research.

There are many enthusiastic blog writers out there who not even wander to famous but create pretty engaging blogs. This is the power of research. You can implement your mind-boggling ideas by researching the topic. Deciding a title from an SEO point of you, placing keywords into it, and creating unique content. Every step requires good research skills.

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4. Add Media to Your Content 

Make your blog visually appealing by adding media to your content. High-quality images and videos are a direct way to create impressions. It’s a plus if you travel often. Click some amazing snaps while exploring a place and create a background story.

Take benefits of uploading media from an SEO point of view. Add alt text behind your images for smart incorporation of keywords. So that the search engines will grab your content for ranking. To write engaging travel blogs, adding images of a specific activity like camping, shooting, and horse riding will also be helpful.                                                                            

5. Reaching to the Targeted Audience 

A targeted approach always comes up with flying colors. Reach out to social media activists, bloggers, agencies, and travel enthusiasts. This will help to get useful pieces of information. Your’ content would emerge out having an identity as soon as a pondering point hits your mind.

Guest posting is a great method used by many blog writers as a tool to generate reach to the website. This way, you’ll be introducing your content to other platforms. The targeted audience reaches your homepage by creating external links to your guest posts on the travel niche. Rise the engagement of your blog post by building such beneficial connections through various platforms. 


In order to create a good read, a good amount of research, purpose, and smart content optimization would make you stand out. Choosing a niche is a crucial part here as the internet is already brimming with similar content. Follow the above-mentioned tips for writing an effective travel blog. Remember, a pitch can be achieved by creating quality content. Whether you are a newbie blogger or want to boost your running work, these tips and tricks would surely help. 

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