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How to Troubleshoot Print Quality Problems

There are a lot of print quality problems that you can face while printing. But you don’t need to lose your heart. These problems are not permanent. It can be resolved with the best possible solutions. As a printer is an electronic device, Printer Cartridges or its other components get damaged over time. All you need to do is to go with the right solutions. Implementing the right ways, you can overcome the problems as well as fic them for the best printing output.

Let’s have a deep analysis of what kind of problems you can face and how you can resolve them. This blog will help you know everything in detail. Just keep reading!

vacature drukkerij grafimedia 1618x700
vacature drukkerij grafimedia 1618×700

Table Of Contents
Incorrect, Misplaced Or Lost Colors
Unwanted Lines On The Prints
Blurred, Faded Or Smeared Printing Result
Final Remarks

Incorrect, Misplaced Or Lost Colors

This is the very generic problem that you can face while printing. It can occur due to the low printer ink or some jam in the cartridge. You can resolve this problem by implementing the given below solutions.
By changing the color setting in your printer software to Color, using the “Automatic mode for Windows” or “Automatic mode for Macintosh”, you can fix this problem.
Apart from it, by adjusting the color settings in your printer software’s Advanced dialog box, making Advanced settings, you can troubleshoot this issue.
By refilling or replacing the color ink cartridge, you can overcome this issue. If the problem continues, replacing the ink cartridge would give the best results.

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Unwanted Lines On The Prints

Many times printer rollers leave unwanted lines or marks on the printing document that can ruin the beauty of quality printing and leads to poor printing results. Using a cleaning pad, you can clean the rollers and get clear and sharp printouts. However, if you are still unable to get the quality printing results and problems remain the same, then implement the below-mentioned solutions.

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Before moving to the solutions, let’s have a look at the reason for the rollers to give unwanted lines.
Reasons: –
No adjustment in the quantity of the ink or in the waiting time for drying longer.
Special media files or web-based docs not supported by the printer.
Wrong side printing.
Using a printer in the conditions entirely different from the environment specified in the manual.
Rollers are not cleaned properly.

Solution: –
Switch off the printer.
Wet the cleaning pad with water & squeeze it carefully to remove any excess water.
Wipe off the rollers gently with the cleaning pad. Rotate them well to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned.
Say NO to using harmful chemical cleaners such as thinner, benzine, or alcohol. It can damage the rollers.

Blurred, Faded Or Smeared Printing Results

Needless to say, it is one of the worst printing problems that you can face. It can occur due to many reasons and put you into trouble. But you don’t have to worry about it. Implementing the best solutions, you can overcome it as well as achieve quality printing results. Try one of the below-mentioned solutions, you can get rid of this problem and have a happy printing ahead.

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By using the suitable printer driver for your printer.
Use paper supported by the printer model only.
By adjusting the Drying Time in the Paper Configuration dialog box.
Keep the printer on a flat & stable surface to allow the printer to operate properly without any tilt.
Make sure the paper you are using is not damaged, dirty, or old.
Keep paper dry and the printable side facing up.
Reset all customized settings by clicking Automatic as the Mode setting.
While printing glossy media, place a support sheet, or load one sheet at a time.
By adjusting the strength of the Color Density.
If the problem remains, the ink may have leaked inside the printer, therefore wipe off with a soft and clean cloth.

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Final Remarks:
If problems are infinite, solutions are also unlimited! All you need to go up with the right solution. We know, printing quality documents is the dream of everyone who prints but due to certain difficulties or printing errors, they end up with no better results. It’s not compulsory that the problem will only be due to Printer ink. As we mentioned earlier, there are a number of reasons a printer leads to giving poor printing results. The ones who understand and troubleshoot that problems on time find success and have a safe and quality printing in their lives.

And the ones who are inexperienced in printing and don’t know how to fix issues end up with no hope. If you are immature, then knowing issues and fixing them yourself will be the best part of your life. When you recognize the small or big printing errors, you will realize how you can overcome each and every challenge coming into your way.

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Hopefully, you do the same and enjoy reading! Hit like & do share!


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