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How to Monitor Mac & Windows PC Remotely?

Is it possible to remotely monitor Mac or Windows PC? Yes, with the TheOneSpy app you can easily monitor the target device along with the complete access to all of the folders and browsing history of the system. The app allows you to have complete control over the device. This is the best and ideal solution for parents. Most often, it is reported that children were trapped in any kind of online scam. Some of the frauds are not quite lethal, but sometimes, they hugely impact on the life of these little brains. So, parents are more careful about the online safety of their children.

One time parents want to protect their kids from it, and they also want them to enjoy their life.  To get started with the application, you can get a subscription from the web. After selecting the plan, you will choose the mode of payment. Later, you will receive an email with the credentials for the dashboard access. After the access to the dashboard, one can reach to all of the data from any system of Mac or Windows remotely. You will get all the instructions for the installation and activation process.

Why Monitoring app is important for parents?

We cannot deny the fact that children of today are free to live. However, the instant gratification and ease of lifestyle have developed the ‘know it all’ nature in most of them. To avoid any such occurrences, you need to talk to them. Now, communication is also difficult in terms of making them understand the threats of the latest advancements in society. So, parents need some amazing solution for protecting their kids from online frauds.

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Scammers consider the kids as an easy target. They use different tricks to manipulate them and trap them for bullying or blackmailing. As a parent, you must fulfill your duty to save your kids by keeping an eye on them.

Your kids will need a PC for school and also most of our lives are dependent on computers and technologies. So, it is impossible to keep them away from it. However, you can still protect them by installing the app like TheOneSpy mobile tracker. Monitor all of the activities, track the browsing history, block unethical websites and give them a safe environment which better for their mental growth.

Control Mac or Windows through TheOneSpy

Regardless of the device, your kids are using. You can have the app for both the systems and enjoy all the features within your subscription plan. Once you have an application, you can access al the folders even if they are hidden. The app-enabled a person to get full access to someone’s chats, emails, activities, and daily browsing. Having access will also allow you to block the websites you feel harmful to your kids. After all, it is always about the protection of your children.

Install the app, and you can remotely reach the data of the system. All you have to do is to activate the app in the system. Later, log-in to the web portal from anywhere and get the information you need. You can control the cameras, microphones and also read all the emails. The browsing history will also help you with the developing interests of your kids. So, know your children even if you are far away.

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Working parents often face difficulty in managing their time with kids.
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But being far doesn’t mean you don’t care about them. You can be with them for the whole time even anonymously.
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So, this is your right to keep an eye on their routines and watch out for the activities they are taking interest these days.


Everything comes with its pros and cons. Technology is easing our life and also at the same time, it is the reason for our despair and worry too. Daily online scams and farms or cyberbullying cases are happening. Nobody wants that nightmare to be a part of their life. So, keep your kids safe from any of this mess.

Olivia is a senior writer of MobiTechSpy. She loves to read and write about subjects such as computers and cellphones, software reviews. She helps families from the dangers of the online world especially targeting child protection and the guidelines for using different cellular applications.


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