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How to Create, Post and Easily Schedule Videos to Instagram:

Instagram, like the Internet, does not close for holidays or weekends, much less when it is night, more than anything because it is daylight anywhere in the world. But we need to sleep for certain hours, so if you have Instagram followers from different parts of the planet, it will depend on the time of day that your Instagram posts best reach them.

It is not an exact science, but there are specific times that on Instagram a photo or video has more views than any other time, no matter how good the content you upload to this social network. But, of course, you can’t always keep track of what time it is and immediately publish that Instagram post that is going to go viral. The solution? Schedule your posts.

You can download video from Instagram with video downloader including instaprodownloader and many more, but by default no option is present to schedule your post. At most, you can save posts in draft form to publish them instantly, but if you want to automate the process as many Instagrammers and some of the most popular Instagram influencers do, you can do it with the following tools.


Compatible with Instagram but also with Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, Later is a service that offers the possibility of programming your content online instead of publishing it manually.

As simple as uploading your content and placing it on the calendar in a very visual way so you can clearly see when each video or photo will be published. In addition, you can upload your content from your device or from your Dropbox or Google Drive space.

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Another great ally to program your Instagram content is Buffer, compatible with Instagram but also with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn, among others. Thanks to its practical calendar you can plan your publications and know what photos or videos your followers will see tomorrow or next week.

In addition to scheduling your content, you can also schedule a first response comment, set up notifications rather than posts, and get your profile metrics and statistics to see if you’re gaining followers and at what rate.


Hootsuite is one of the professional tools for dealing with older social networks. Compatible with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest, it allows you to do everything in your personal and professional profiles.

As for programming content, you can do it by choosing the day and time or leaving it to Hootsuite, which will look for the moment of greatest impact among your followers or Instagram in general. To make it easy, it also offers a very visual calendar where we will see the messages, photos, and videos with the day and time of publication.


Although it started as a tool to help publishers to Pinterest, today Tailwind is also used to manage content on Instagram, and this includes scheduling content and publications.

Tailwind helps us to program photos and インスタ 動画 保存 on Instagram but, in addition, it will advise us that what is the best time according to our audience and the general traffic of the social network. The advice also includes suggestions on labels and content type.

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