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How HRMS Software Can Help You Manage Remote Work?

Investing in HRMS software can offer a lot of benefits to your organization. From managing your workforce and data to improving your business strategies and automating most of the repetitive process, HR software is an efficient tool that every business needs to invest in. 

These HR tools also offer you the ability to manage your employees remotely. This is applicable not only to those organizations that have employees working from multiple locations but for regular businesses as well. We have seen in the past how pandemic can affect the economy; hence your organization should be prepared to handle such a situation, and this is where HR software comes in handy.

With an efficient HRMS software, you will be able to easily manage your remote employees. Let’s look at the features such software offers you:

Time Management

With the right HR software, you should be able to accurately manage the work hours of each of your employees remotely. This will help managers keep track of the time spent on every project. With the time management module in HR software, human resource management can easily process payroll without dealing with repetitive manual work.

The software will calculate the attendance and work hours of each employee automatically since the timesheets are integrated with attendance and payroll system.


It’s necessary to keep in touch with your remote employees to boost their productivity. Virtual collaboration allows you to communicate with your employees from any location possible. This is great when you are looking for conducting a brainstorming session with your employees for some projects.

Such a feature will also allow you to easily communicate with your clients. Employees will also be able to discuss any issues with projects or anything else related to the organization, using video and audio meetings.

Managers and employees can also share their screens to explain a project more extensively while talking with their peers at the same time. In case of emergencies, these virtual meetings can be really helpful for your business.


It’s not feasible to always stay connected to your peers using video or audio conferencing all the time. This is where having a chat feature can help you keep in touch with each other. You can create groups based on different departments to communicate a message with the whole team at once.

Compared to video conferencing, response time is much better with internal chats. This can also be accessed with mobile devices which will help increase engagement and productivity among your employees.


Using internal feeds or forums with your HR software will allow your employees to stay up to date about internal matters. Management can easily publish important announcements without needing an email sent to every employee.

And the employees will have the option to share their perspective on the matter with the help of comments on each announcement or posts. This can also help you with decisions as you can engage employees in constructive discussions.

Self Service Portal

Since you are trying to manage a remote staff, having an employee self-service portal can also streamline the whole process. Employees have the ability to access their personal and professional information using the self-service portal of HR software. They won’t need to contact the HR department repeatedly regarding small doubts.

Employees can clock their time in and time off from these portals, manage their attendance, and apply for leaves as well. With traditional systems, this was not possible at all. Being able to account for the right work hours for remote employees can be difficult if you do not have an automated system with a self-service portal.

Employees can also update their personal information using these portals such as updating their phone numbers, addresses, and email IDs that are easy to change. Managers can approve attendance; time offs and leaves without exchanging multiple emails regarding the same which used to be time-consuming.


Pandemics can happen at any time of the year, but as an organization, you need to be ready to face such situations and work efficiently. It is clear from the features mentioned above, how having an HCM software can streamline remote work for your organization. Invest in an efficient HR software that will help you stay connected with your employees and enable you to easily collaborate and manage work, all in one single platform.

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