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Here are Some Important Tips for the Shopaholics!

Have you ever gone through a situation when you blame your wardrobe for your financial breakdown? Ever realized that you could have gone on a trip to your favorite destination if you hadn’t bought those extra pairs of shoes or bags which you haven’t used yet? Well, many have felt sorry for the same. But the next moment when the notification of SALE blinks, they are ready to overload their wardrobe again!

Happiness is precious. We get unbounded happiness when we shop. The fragrance of shopping malls, the background music that adds to our shopping urges, and the price tags that say, “Don’t worry, I am affordable. You can compromise with your budget in the next month.” All these things are so special for some people like me! But when we finally dig our collection and find out how much we have spent on the clothes we have never even given proper attention to, it hurts.

Shopping is a never-ending process of finding happiness. The more you shop, the more you would yearn again to shop. It is a glamourous addiction that hardly leaves you. But there should be a limit to everything right?

But do you know there are some ways through which you can stop this addiction but still get happy, or in fact, happier without spending a single penny! Just do some tricks with your mind and infatuate your heart with the following tips to stay away from the long credit card bills!

  1. Less is More:

You need to train your mind and let yourself believe that Less is More. Keep limited stuff in your wardrobe so that it looks organized and you can easily get what you want to wear.The more you store the messier it becomes. Keep the other clothes somewhere deep inside your trunk or bed box, or even in a mysterious place that you don’t open frequently. You can always rearrange your wardrobe in one or two weeks or even in months. This might surprise you as you can discover some of your clothes and feel as if it’s new.

  1. Re-design them:
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You can always be creative with your clothes and accessories. For example, you can make shrugs with old dupattas, ethnic jackets out of Kurtis. Even you can use them to make some handicrafts for home decor. You can simply cut jeans to make them shorts or hot pants from trousers. Cut Kurtas to make short Kurtis or ethnic tops to wear with your skirts.

  1. Keep them clean:

Organize and clean your clothes, accessories, and footwear properly. This might sound like your mom but it’s true! Keep them well organized so that each time you go to pick the one you won’t feel like “I don’t have anything to wear”! This must be a pain for the lazybones but check on regular ironing and dry cleaning for your precious classy clothes. Give a blow-dry to accessories and brush your footwear. This will never let you down. And who knows, one day you will realize it is better to shop less so that you will have to clean less!

  1. Donate:

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” Sometimes you get burdened with your stuff and many really need some of your extras. You can always give them to the ones who need it. Your old books, clothes, bags, footwear, soft toys, or anything, can be given to the people who need these. There are many charities and a few are available online as well. You can also ask your domestic help if they need any of it. This gives you extra space in your cupboard and absolute happiness for a lifetime.

  1. Make a list for shopping and stick to it
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When you shop the next time, make a list of what you actually want or need. And make sure you buy nothing more than that. In this way, you will know how you always end up picking the unnecessaries but miss buying what is more needed.

Salman Ahmad
I am Salman Ahmad an Engineer by choice, Blogger, YouTuber, and an Entrepreneur by passion. I love technology in my day to day life and loves writing Tech Articles on Latest Technology, Cyber Security, Internet Security, SEO and Digital Marketing.
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