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Face Masks: Reusable Face Masks with Filters | Penguinhealh

2021 will probably be remembered for being the year of face masks. Because the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), a virus that causes heart disease in virtually every part of the planet, is now a common occurrence, humans have been forced to follow this simple safety precaution year after year. Even with their fame, many people do not know much about the diverse available masks. Therefore, it is vital to select the right ASTM mask for your fight besides this disease and you must know what is ASTM level 3 mask is.

Many masks that provide little or no protection are not well-known.

Need of a face mask?

A regular face mask is less effective at protecting the wearer against infection. However, a good cover prevents large droplets of the virus from being spread by those who have it. Unfortunately, you may unknowingly be spreading the Coronavirus by wearing a mask that does little to prevent these droplets from getting into your body. It is not recommended to purchase the cheapest and most convenient face mask without fully understanding its protection level. It is crucial to check the safety standards of any mask you are considering when buying one. Understanding and looking at the ASTM rating is the best way to determine this.

ASTM mean?

face mask
                                    face mask

The American Society of Testing and Materials. It is a globally known organization that makes and sets technical values across various supplies, systems, and services. Before rating a mask for its level, it’s essential to understand what ASTM considers in ordering the product.

Factors affecting mask performance?


Also known as a flame spread or flame spreading, this test determines how likely a material is to ignite and fan flames.


This test trials the opposition of airflow. The result is a lower resistance to breathing, which means less filtration, but better breathing.

Particulate Filtration

This shows the percentage of submicron particles removed by the mask at 0.1 nm. This indicates how efficient the cover is at filtering particles.

Bacterial Efficiency (BFE).

This test measures how many bacteria of size 3 microns are removed by the mask. This shows how efficiently the front filters bacteria.

Liquid Resistance

This test regulates the capacity of the mask to repel fluids traveling from the solid into contact with wearers. The more excellent the fluid resistance, the better the protection

ASTM International evaluates mask performance using the above performance tests. As a result, these three numerical ratings can be summarized by ASTM International as:

  1. ASTM level 1– Low barrier protection
  2. Level 2 – Moderate barrier protection
  3. Level 3 – Maximum barrier protection
  4. Difference between ASTM level masks?

The following table shows the variation in performance for each level:


ASTM Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Fluid Resistance (mmHg)





>= 95%

>= 98%

>= 98%

PFE (@ 0.1 micron)

>= 95%

>= 98%

>= 98%

Breathability (mm H2O)

< 4.0

< 5.0

< 5.0


Class 1

Class 1

Class 1

A level 3 mask is recommended if you aren’t concerned about breathing, affordability, and availability.

Level 2 and 3 Masks

You should wear the ASTM level 2 masks if you have been exposed to COVID-19 and are at higher risk.

What does the level 3 mask mean?

Finally, level 3 masks, which are high-barrier, are also considered. They are great for procedures with high fluid, blood, aerosols, and spray exposure. The most common methods that level 3 masks are used include crown preparation, complex dental surgery, and implant placement.

Reusable Masks for Faces

Cloth masks can be washed thoroughly, disinfected, dried, then reused. Surgical Mask – Dry the show and ensure that all layers and shapes remain intact. The gel absorbs water and keeps it dry. The mask can be reused three days after it has dried if it isn’t damaged.

How to buy the ASTM level of a face mask?

Check the box before you buy a mask to find out information about the ASTM level, fluid-resistant, or any other performance metrics.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that even a level 3 mask will not protect the wearer against an infected person. The ASTM-graded masks are sufficient to protect you from the virus. After reading this article you are able to recognize what is ASTM level 3 mask is.

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