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Eliminate Excessive Underarms Sweating with New Miradry Treatment

The MiraDry procedure is an innovative technology for treating excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), which is based on the destruction of sweat glands using microwave energy. This technique does not only allow you to get rid of sweating but also eliminates the smell of sweat and hair on the armpit. This MiraDry technique is non-invasive, highly effective and safe, which is confirmed by FDA certification.

By using the unique MiraDry apparatus, it will allow you to get rid of hyperhidrosis in the axillary region and slow down the growth of unwanted hair. During the procedure, the vacuum nozzle picks up the skin in the desired area and starts the process, which consists of several phases. For example, the experts of the skin clinic in Canberra will help in eliminating the issue of excessive sweating.

So, what else do you need to know about MiraDry treatment? Let’s have a look at the following.

Table of Content

  • How Much Sweat is Considered Excessive?
  • What is the Essence of the Procedure?
  • MiraDry: Microwave Energy as a Source of Heat
  • Duration of the Procedure
  • How Fast Can You See the Effect of the Procedure?
  • How Safe is the Procedure?
  • Are There Any Restrictions After the Procedure?
  • Conclusion

How Much Sweat is Considered Excessive?

The scientific term for underarm sweating is axillary hyperhidrosis. From the point of view of a dermatologist, sweating is considered a medical problem when it causes emotional or physical disorders and interferes with your social life. For most people, excessive underarm sweating treatment is often completely situational. This usually only occurs in cases of increased stress, such as participating in public speaking.

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However, if you constantly feel sweating, especially in one or two areas of the body, then it can be hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis tends to occur in three areas – the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet and the armpits. If you are diagnosed with axillary hyperhidrosis, then you are not alone. According to some estimates, the incidence is 2.8 % of the United States population.

What is the Essence of the Procedure?

MiraDry technology is based on concentrated microwave radiation, which creates localized heating at the junction of the dermis with subcutaneous fat. Controlled heating disrupts the work of sweat glands, destroying them without risk to neighboring tissues. Sweat production stops immediately after the procedure. At the same time, hair follicles are destroyed, thereby blocking the growth of new hair. Radiation during thermolysis is precisely dosed by a specialist and directed only to the area of ​​sweat gland localization. There are no traces of exposure on the skin, but the effect is amazing. That is why the technique has gained particular popularity and collects so many positive reviews.

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MiraDry: Microwave Energy as a Source of Heat

The use of microwave energy in the treatment of patients began in 1946. However, these techniques are less familiar to the medical community than laser, radiofrequency, and ultrasound.

Microwaves mean electromagnetic radiation with a frequency of 300 MHz to 300 GHz. This frequency range transfers energy to tissues through absorbed radiation, causing dielectric heating. At the molecular level, it is a rapidly changing electric field induced by microwave radiation. This field affects the dipole moments in the water molecules present in the tissue. The molecules are excited by the microwave field, which leads to tissue heating and the difference in dielectric properties between the skin and adipose tissue. At the border between them, a large amount of reflected energy is generated. It returns back to the emitter, which creates an optical interference pattern with the initial radiation.

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Duration of the Procedure

On average, a session lasts from 40 minutes to an hour. Directly before the procedure, the patient is injected with anaesthesia. So, the patient does not feel any discomfort during the procedure. A day before the planned procedure, stop using deodorant. Going to the procedure, you should wear loose clothing made from natural soft fabrics.

How Fast Can You See the Effect of the Procedure?

The effect of the procedure is immediately noticeable, and it is lifelong. The fact is that sweat glands are laid in a person during embryonic development and new ones no longer appear. One procedure is enough for an ideal result in 72–80% of cases. In 15–18% of cases, a second procedure is needed, whereas only a third one may be needed in 3-5% of cases. However, the second and third procedures are usually needed for patients with severe hyperhidrosis. More than three procedures did not have to be done by any patient for the entire period of the apparatus’s existence. It should also be noted that a significant decrease in sweating is noted in all patients. The hair follicles in the armpit are located at the same level as the sweat glands, which can be removed easily.

How Safe is the Procedure?

The protocol of the procedure is drawn up so that it avoids any negative effects on organs and tissues. It acts only on sweat, odor glands and hair follicles. While removing the sweat glands in the axillary region, it does not affect the general thermoregulation of the body.

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Are There Any Restrictions After the Procedure?

After the procedure, swelling in the axillary region and slight bumps in the skin may occur. If the patient does the procedure in the summer, then it should be prepared for the fact that for one or two weeks you have to walk in clothes with long sleeves. Within a week after the procedure, it is recommended to limit physical activity, visiting saunas and pools, as well as beaches. It is also not worthwhile to travel on an airplane for two to three days after the procedure and swim in the pool or in open water for five to seven days.


Skincare should be soft without intensive rubbing of the axillary region. Full recovery takes 1-2 weeks. From the first days, you can notice the absence of perspiration and unpleasant odor. It significantly improves the quality of life in all aspects and allows you to forget about the delicate problem of wet armpits forever. MiraDry can save you from embarrassing sweating armpits your whole life. So, before choosing this effective method, it is recommended that consult with your doctor so you can achieve maximum possible results within a short period of time.

Shilpa Dahal is working as skincare practitioner and writer at Envieskin. It is an Australia based laser skin clinic in Canberra. She loves to share her ideas in context of the benefits and uses of laser treatment for skin.
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