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Easy Ways to Free Up Disk Space on Windows 10

Ways to clean up the disk space on Windows 10

Have you ever heard of a PC without any flaws? Do you want to free up tons of gigabytes of storage on your Windows PC?

If we talk about freeing some space, we cannot ignore utilities like similar photo cleaner that are designed especially to delete similar looking pictures and duplicate images.

Are you looking for some basic tweaks that will help you free up some disk space on your PC? This article will help you do the needful and you can free your system of unnecessary files, images, programs, and utilities.

Pictures clicked through a smartphone may go up to 12 MB in size. Just think of storing several copies of a single picture in your Windows PC. What a waste!

In this article, we discuss in detail some easy and generic ways to clean the disk space in Windows 10. We have curated some methods that will help you take care of memory management issues.

1. Delete files from the Recycle Bin

Have you ever used SHIFT + DELETE to remove a file permanently? What about the files you remove from your computer? 

Removed or deleted files are stored in the Recycle Bin if you decide to restore them later. These deleted files still take up storage.

Just think of a situation where the accumulated files take up gigabytes of storage in the Recycle Bin.

In order to avoid the situation, make sure to check your recycle bin as soon as you see the icon change its form from a clean bin to some trash inside it. Check out if you need to restore the files back. If NOT, then just click on ‘empty the recycle bin.’

This will permanently remove the deleted files out of your Windows.

2. Perform Disk Cleanup

Windows 10 has a feature of disk cleanup. This feature helps the user clean up gigabytes of storage by removing both small and big files, programs, temporary internet files, system dump files, applications and utilities that are not used.

To perform disk cleanup, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the start button
  • Select ‘All apps’
  • Click on ‘windows administrative tools’
  • Select the ‘disk cleanup’ icon
  • Select the drive you want to clean.

Although disk clean up is a useful tool, keep in mind that it is not automatic and you will still require to specifically select the files, programs, and stuff manually.

3. Say bye to temporary and downloaded files

Delete those unnecessary temporary files that you no longer need. Perform these steps to delete the temporary and downloaded files:

  • Click on the windows button
  • Go to settings 
  • Click on ‘system’
  • Click on ‘Storage’ option
  • Select ‘This PC’ 
  • Click on ‘temporary files’
  • Look for and click on ‘temporary files and downloads.
  • Click on the ‘remove files’ button.

4. Activate the STORAGE SENSE option

Storage Sense is an intelligent feature in Windows 10. This option helps the user free out considerable amounts of disk space. This is a very useful feature where Windows takes care of memory management and intelligently removes temporary files and downloaded files that take up unnecessary storage.

This feature also permanently removes the files that are in the recycle bin for more than 30 days.

You can activate Storage Sense by following these simple steps:

  • In the search bar type ‘storage sense’.
  • Click on the Storage sense feature.

Clicking on the storage sense feature will activate it.

5. Uninstall the apps you no longer use

The best way to lessen the burden on your Windows PC is to uninstall the files, apps, utilities, and software that you do not use.

You can easily go to the settings option and uninstall the applications that you want to remove. However, there are some apps and third-party utilities that stick to the hardware of the system.

The hard disk gets affected as these certain programs need manual removal which is followed by ‘shift + delete’ permanent removal shortcut.

There are tons of other tweaks and methods through which you can easily free up tons of disk space on your Windows 10, however, we have curated this simple and easy to follow list of methods.

In the end

The best way to keep your new Windows PC is to regularly check for unwanted programs that take up unnecessary space, malware, and duplicate photos. 

The best way is to deploy a similar photo cleaner to remove those similar-looking pictures that take up tons of gigabytes on your Windows 10. It is better to keep your systems free of similar looking pictures that take tons of storage.

Most of the Windows users transfer and store HD images from their smartphones and store them all on their PCs. This is an unethical practice and disturbs the health and stability of PC.

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