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Is it possible to burn body fat without the need to exercise?

Countless supposed benefits are attributed to water with lemon or vinegar. Many celebrities speak openly about this ‘secret of eternal youth’ and claim that the trick is to take it on an empty stomach every morning.

 lemon or vinegar

What does this famous myth have?

The nutritionist and pharmacist of Jaime Martinez, once again solve our doubts about this myth, also tells us about the famous deter. Do you want to know the truth?

Miracles, in food and sports, nothing at all.

Do you lose weight?

No, it is a myth. The water with lemon in the morning, the only thing that will give you is that water (it will hydrate you), and the lemon juice will provide you with some vitamins, but few, since you are only squeezing half a lemon. It would be much healthier for you to take a piece of fruit; it has many more vitamins, and also, by not squeezing it, you would not be losing fiber.

Do they serve to detoxify our bodies?

No. Our body already has mechanisms to transform these toxins so that we can eliminate them from our bodies. Organs such as the liver, kidney, and lung are involved in these processes.

Is it possible that they have some satiating effect?

The truth is that being in a liquid format, they are not satiating. The fruit is much more satisfying and nutritious than fruit juice and the same with vegetables.

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Although these mixtures are not miraculous, do they have any benefit for the body? 

Mixtures with vinegar, lemon, and bicarbonate can cause, if taken chronically, gastrointestinal problems such as stomach ulcers since you are introducing strong acids on an empty stomach.

If we talk about detox shakes which are based on vegetables and fruits, we could say that if they do not have additives, they are not entirely a bad option, but fruit or whole vegetables will always be better since when beating them, we lose part of its nutrients like fiber.

One tip: If you want to make a smoothie, buy the ingredients and make it at home so that it will be much cheaper; the supermarkets sell it more expensive for the simple fact that it detoxes.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to ‘detoxify’?

I would recommend that you stop thinking about that word; you don’t have to detoxify your body; the body does it on its own. Your body detoxifies for free; reward it by taking care of it with a good diet and physical exercise.

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