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Does Social Media Make Us Lonelier?

You have at least a hundred likes on the picture you uploaded on your social media account last night and around fifty new messages on your phone, still feeling lonely? Do you feel a certain emptiness even after going through several people’s profiles and commenting on their statuses? You might want to take a minute to ponder over these questions in your mind. Owning the latest gadgetry and having a stable internet connection must make you feel like King of the world as if you are fully in control of your whole life, but is this true? Let’s not get into too many things and take, for instance, only, ‘loneliness’. You may be under the impression that your usage of social media apps fulfills your need for socialization because it connects you with people from all over the world. This might be true to some extent but excessive use of these apps can lead to you missing out on little moments of joy in the real world. Free chat apps are a convenient mode of communication with people who are physically at a distance from you, but what about the people around you?

  1. Living in the moment:

They say that living in the moment is the best way to live but can you do that when you’re constantly absorbed in the digital world? Among other bonds, many married couples end up fighting because either one or the other party feels neglected. You get back late from work on a cold winter night and your partner thoughtfully makes you a cup of hot cocoa. You drink the cocoa but don’t bother even looking up at, let alone thanking your partner, because you are so busy looking at your newsfeed. Wonder what’ll happen next? Naturally, your partner will be upset, and though they may forgive you once or twice, they won’t be able to tolerate your insensitivity for long. Similarly, with parents, if even in the little time you have for them you are constantly busy texting someone or, ‘liking’, posts then let’s be honest, you aren’t giving them time!

  1. Maintaining ties from a distance:

Social media is a blessing when you are physically at a distance from your loved ones. They have kept many hopefuls during the lockdown period and have been proven a reliable source of communication if you have to be away from home for a long period. People who have to travel abroad for work can’t help but depend on online sources of communication to stay in touch with their loved ones. For teenagers or young adults who have to go out of the country to complete their studies, free chat apps are the most convenient way of communicating with friends and family. Without social media, individuals would suffer from isolation and ties would weaken.

  1. Sharing your happiness:

Happiness is most authentic when shared but how can you share your moments of joy with your loved ones when they aren’t physically there to experience it? in such circumstances, your camera will work wonders since you can capture your special moments in a picture or record them in a video. You can then share your pictures and videos across by using an effective app such as NEEO Messenger. Social media apps have made it easier for us to put a smile on other faces, all it takes is a funny picture, song, video, or positive quotes, etc. to lift someone’s spirits. You can’t wallow in self-pity for long because people who care about you will fix your mood with a cute emoji or humor you with a funny GIF that’ll make you laugh at yourself.

  1. Leaning on a shoulder:

Out of the five hundred social media friends, there are probably only five or six people in your list who are genuinely concerned about you. When you put up exciting posts relating to your personal life on social media not everyone on your list of friends will feel happy for you. Some might envy you and some couldn’t care less but they will still, ‘like’, your post. Spending too much time to impress your social media pals isn’t going to bear much fruit because in times of need the few people who are your friends in the real world will show up to lend you a hand. In comparison to real-life relationships, social media is a superficial world where you have the liberty of exhibiting your best self or even create a false impression of yourself on others. When you’re feeling low the people who love you despite your limitations, and not the ones you’re trying so hard to impress on social media, will be the ones to pull you out of your misery.

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You’ll never feel lonely if you try and maintain balance in your life. Entertain yourself with free chat apps but don’t go so overboard that you miss out on other little pleasures in life. Try to appreciate people who do things for you in the real world rather than spending your time on people who are only going to go as far as liking your post or commenting on your picture when they have free time on their hands.

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