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Coworking space Meeting room Etiquette

Coworking spaces are attracting a lot of workers as they are one of the cheapest ways of getting work done when you work as a freelancer or a startup. Compared to working from home, coworking spaces have high chances of productivity, and the togetherness that people feel can bring in the synergy effect!

The meeting rooms and conference halls are one major reason that people rent out coworking spaces. With different types of people coming together to work in coworking spaces, people will have to mingle with different behaviours, different characters and different patterns.

Each and every one of the members who use the coworking space be self-conscious of their behaviour and follow the etiquettes they have to follow. It is also the responsibility of each coworking space management to lay down the basic rules regarding the etiquettes to be followed regarding the meeting rooms and to make sure that one member violates the same.

Most of the co working space in Delhi has written rules that are generally agreed by the workers beforehand to assure proper decorum. Everyone would have equal rights at the coworking space and those rights must be protected.

Here are the unsaid Coworking space meeting room etiquettes that one must follow

1.Keep your coworking space meeting room clean after use

The meeting room you rented for an hour might be used by another person after you. It is your responsibility to provide the next person with the privileges that you enjoyed.You must take care to leave no traces behind once you leave the desk. It must be wiped, cleared, and all the supplies must be removed once you are done. 

The coffee cup that you used must be cleaned well and the files and projectors must be replaced on your desk. Cleaning the desk is so important because, the same is being used by a lot of other people, which makes the chances of spreading infection, if outbroken, at a higher rate

2. Make reservations in prior

Take Responsibility to make reservations in prior so as to avoid last-minute hustles for yourselves and the coworking space management too. This way, you are making your dealings very formal and also respect the coworking space management’s rules. 

Even if are working as a group in the work space already, you cannot just show up and use the conference room. It might be already booked by other people. To get the confirmation in prior itself. 

3. Make sure you show up ON TIME!

When you have booked a conference hall, make sure you reach there on time. This is required due to various reasons. If you do not show up on time, the company may assume that you have cancelled the meeting. Meeting rooms in the coworking space are always on demand when you work in a coworking space. Hence The time factor is very important

Also, if you have plans to cancel your reservations, be prompt to follow their guidelines about the time period that you have to follow prior to which the matter must be intimated. Then, the coworking space can make use of that slot and give the same to others. This way, your refund policy can also be justified.

4.Be adjusting 

Sometimes, there will be another group who needs to conduct an urgent meeting. Be considerate to them too and be open to either reschedule your meeting or wind up yours a bit early. 

Some shared spaces allow multiple teams to hold a meeting in a room provided it is big enough to have two teams.  It becomes so important that you adjust to accommodate the new team also.  Always keep your mobile phones on silent mode and make sure that your neighbour is not disturbed by it. You doing this can set an example to others too. 

Share the resources like a projector and use the spacing judiciously. Confine to the space that you are provided with and do not spread t the parts that aren’t yours. It can be quite impolite to invade into someone else’s boundary and hence it is important that you demarcate the invisible boundary between desks.  

5.Be Gentle to everyone

You are working in a coworking space and you represent a society. You have to act nice to the people around you and not turn weird around others. You can ask help to others, but it must not be disturbing to them. Make sure you carry your own supplies, it can be a Pendrive, a USB cable or anything. If you borrow them, make sure you return it to them. 

If anyone needs help from you, be responsive and if you are not in a position for that, kindly let the other person know about it with respect. It might be difficult for some, but it is important that you step out of your comfort zone and make good friendships at the coworking space.

You can find this as a perfect opportunity to build connections which you can make use of as leads and helping hands in times of dismay. 

6. Bring in the management in the hour of NEED

Whenever you face trouble with the resources of the room or have booking issues, call in the management staff to get help. Do not fix it by yourself. This will help them know that nothing has happened from your side. Also, they can have a register of complaints regarding the mishaps that occur at the coworking space.

7.Have the right amount of common sense

Always keep the doors closed once you leave the room. Also, leave once you are done. The next session of people might be waiting for you to leave. Do not bring in food inside a meeting room – Unless the management allows so, which is very rare. 

Prepare well before your meeting so that you do not waste the time of yours in the meeting and also the other people waiting outside. Set all the infrastructures back to the position you took them from. 

You are bound to follow the rules and regulations laid by the coworking space and to abide by the instructions they give. You would probably know any of the acts you do that would irritate your coworker.

Be safe and secure with the keys, passwords, and the overall coworking space. You are bound to take care of the space just like your own office.

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