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Comparison of AC at 28-degree Celsius vs 18-degree Celsius: You Can Save a Lot

As winter draws to a close, India prepares to make way for the sweltering summer heat. According to some experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), even if the overall carbon emissions are reigned in, the heat crisis in India is set to increase at a point wherein the very nature of human survivability will be called into question. 

In the face of such heat, one’s first instinct is to turn on the air conditioner and cool off. However, in the summer months that run several months long, it is not economically feasible to run the air-conditioner all the time without running up the electricity bill. Therefore, it is important to ensure your air conditioner doesn’t expend more energy than necessary. 

Read on to know more about how one can keep the air conditioner costs under control even while cooling off in the heat: 

During the summer months, the average room temperature is about 35 degrees celsius. The air conditioner’s job, be it a split or a portable air conditioner, is to bring it down to a tolerable temperature. The lower the desired temperature, however, the more the energy expended by your air conditioner, and thus, the higher the electricity costs you would have to incur. 

The Solution 

If the air conditioner is cooling to temperatures as low as 18 degrees celsius, it will have to work longer and harder not only to achieve the lower temperature, but also to maintain it. On the other hand, if it is cooling at slightly higher temperatures of 28 degrees celsius, it will not only achieve this temperature earlier, it will also have to work less in order to maintain this temperature. What’s more, 28 degrees is a comfortable temperature, ensuring that the heat does not bother the occupants of the room anymore. A recent study established that Indians are well accustomed and comfortable at temperatures as high as 29 degrees.  

How much electricity can you save by setting your temperature to 28 degrees Celsius? 

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For every degree you increase the temperature of your air conditioner, an additional 3-4% of energy can be conserved. This translates to high-cost savings. 

In order to determine precisely how much electricity consumption you could save by setting your temperature at 28 degree Celsius, as opposed to 18 degree Celsius, you can make use of a simple formula: 

Percentage Saved =   (new temperature – old temperature) 

                                  ——————————-   X 100 

                                (outside temperature – old temperature)

For calculation purposes, let us assume the outside temperature to be 45 degrees Celsius. After keying in the respective figures, your calculation would look a little like this:

Percentage Saved =   (28 -18) 

                                 ———  X 100


Thus, by increasing your temperature to 28, you can save a whopping 37% of electricity. This will, in turn, translate to low electricity costs. 


Thus, setting the thermostat at 28-degree celsius ensures that the air conditioner will not only cool, it will also consume less energy and thus, save more money. So, refrain from setting low temperatures such as 18 degrees Celsius and opt for higher temperatures of 28 degree Celsius.  In 2020, this is how one can both cool off and stay within budget!

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