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Clearing Grass Proper Procedure Before Installing Zeon Zoysia

Many people think that installing Zeon Zoysia is the easiest procedure if you compare it with seeding. To some extent this is right but problems occur when the wrong process is chosen. 

Why Is Clearing Grass Important?

One such problem is when you try to install sod grass on existing grass. This is no big issue but when you look closer; this can cause problems in the future. Experts tell of the following reasons for clearing grass.

Roots Can Grip Ground Properly

The roots of the sod grass will not have space to properly grip the ground. Sometimes roots from different areas penetrate deep down and that area of grass is fantastic but other patches are dull in color.

Zeon Zoysia Can Grow Correctly

Another problem that homeowners face is that the sod doesn’t grow correctly. When you water or fertilize the grass nothing will get to the grass.

Sod Grass Needs Soil For Nutrients

When the ground is cleared of all the existing grass and the Zeon Zoysia in Atlanta Georgia is laid; the roots can go deep and get full nutrients.

What Is Proper Procedure For Clearing Grass?

It is not easy to clear out existing grass; so that new sod can be laid. It is a long process that needs patience on the part of the person wanting to install new sod grass. 

Clear Out The Debris

First of all, you have to clear off any kind of debris in the form of leaves, stones, or animal droppings. You have a choice of either doing it yourself or hire professional help from companies like Atlanta Sod Farms.

Using Grass Killer Herbicide

You should use Herbicide or grass killer to clear the ground. Every chemical company has its method of applying; so read the instructions carefully.

Watch Out For Rainy Season

If it is a rainy season in which you are willing to apply the sod grass; they don’t spray the herbicide in the rain as the chemical will wash away.

Avoid Spraying In Windy Weather

Also, look out for the wind because you don’t want other plants to be affected. You will find a detailed guide on how to remove old grass and lay new sod to make understanding the procedure easier. 

Check For Growth Of Grass

After waiting for a week; you have to apply water and check if the grass is growing back or not. This process might take 2 weeks. 

Repeat The Spraying Process

If the above case appears then repeat the process until you are sure that the grass has completely died out. Sometimes it takes longer than expected for the grass to clear. 

Remove Dead Grass With Different Tools

When you are sure that the grass has died; you can use different tools to clear the ground from all the grass and weeds.

Prepare The Soil Again For Sod Grass

Now you can prepare the ground for the installation of the sod grass. Hiring professionals can be helpful as they know the right technique of applying the Zeon Zoysia appropriately.

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