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Best Ways to Grow Your Followers on Instagram

Instagram has proven to be an effective social media platform to boost your business. It has over 1 billion active users and the majority of them are following a business on Instagram. If you are an entrepreneur and uses Instagram in promoting their products or services, then it is vital to have a large number of followers.

Why increase Instagram followers

Boosting the statistics on your Instagram account may be of great help to make your business known. Remember that in business, the followers are potential clients or customers. Reaching more individuals means that products or services you are offering will be familiar to many thus the revenue may potentially be boosted.

Improve your Instagram account

One of the most important ways to be noticed on Instagram and gain more followers is by having your account optimized. If your account does not have any bio, image captions, proper username, or even a profile image then it will be difficult to promote your business. As such, your goal of increasing your followers may not be achieved. The Instagram profile may help in establishing the identity of your business.

In addition to these, it has been observed that Instagram accounts that do not have captions, bio, or profile image will not have a desired number of followers. Thus, the business will not have the proper promotion that it needs.

Daily consistent posting

Studies have shown that profiles that have daily posts in a week, get more likes, and gain more followers quickly than those who frequently post. There is a high probability that the growth rate of the followers may double if the number of posts per week is also increased. Being consistent is the key to get your post at the top of the timeline. This is also true when your posts are shared and make good engagement.

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It is also recommended to create a schedule of your posts in advance. Posting at the right time can make your posts more visible and thus increase the engagement. This is one of the efficient ways to plan what needs to be posted and the right content to include in the post. Having a schedule will keep you track of your progress in your marketing activities.

Make use of hashtags

The use of relevant popular hashtags is proven to be an efficient way to get more followers on Instagram. Over the years, hashtags have proven to be an effective tool to reach more users and to be more visible on Instagram. There are many hashtags available and choosing the right one may be tasky. The good thing is that there are hashtag tools available that can help the users in finding the right and relevant hashtags for their business.

Collaborate with other users

It is also recommended to have a partnership or sponsorship to extend more Instagram reach. For instance, collaborating with influencer marketing will help in growing your Instagram followers. Of course, influencer marketing needs to be paid for their services and the good thing is that they can reach more followers as they have a great number of followers.

Many companies and businesses collaborated with different influencers. In just a few months or years, their number of followers surprisingly increased. Instagram influencers tag the Instagram account of their sponsors and this will lead the followers to check out the profile.

Engage your followers

It is also great to engage your followers in various ways. For instance, you can like their posts and reply to their comments on your posts.

Think of it as paying back the efforts they have shown in looking and appreciating your posts.

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You can also engage your followers by hosting contests and giving out prizes. For instance, you can ask your followers to post a picture of them with the product that they bought from you. You can select which picture seems to be the best and reward them for winning the contest. And then use Instagram post engagement status through tools, to know which way of activity can boost your profile’s growth more.

Use the analytics

Creating high-quality posts is one of the effective ways to increase your Instagram followers. Once they see that you have an interesting post, the followers will take time to view them and engage with them.

Studying your analytics will also give you an idea of what your followers like the most. Study the trend and analyze them so that you will know what content to include in your succeeding posts.


Instagram is one of the fast-growing social media platforms these days. It is used in different ways and many entrepreneurs use it as part of their marketing strategy. Having a big number of followers is vital to boost your business as they can help in promoting the products or services you are offering. Making them happy will also put you in a win-win situation.


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