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Home Sport Bag Gloves Vs Boxing Gloves: Everything You Need To Know

Bag Gloves Vs Boxing Gloves: Everything You Need To Know

One of the main accessories of boxing is gloves. It is used to protect your hand during any kind of fight, be it during sparring, punching the bags, or boxing matches. However, for different purposes, you will have different boxing gloves. One of these common types is the bag gloves which are quite common in boxing. This article has discussed all the essential facts that you need to know about this specific kind of essential boxing accessory.

What Is A Bag Glove? 

A bag glove is mainly used while sparring with another partner in a practice match. It can be worn during a ring practice match or normal sparring on the boxing mat.

The name itself suggests that the gloves will have a baggy structure, with some extra padding which will allow you to land safe blows and punches on your opposing partner in the friendly sparring match. The padding present in the bag gloves is usually more than the normal gloves, because of which they have a bulky structure in terms of the width.

bag gloves

What Are The Differences Between The Bag Gloves And The Boxing Gloves?

It can be very difficult for a beginner to differentiate between the boxing gloves and the bag gloves. Even though both of these are used for the same purpose, there are some considerable differences that you need to consider. This is what we have discussed in this section- the differences between the boxing and the bag gloves.

  1. Weight: The weight of the gloves is because of the main padding present inside the material. So, usually, the bag gloves will have more weight than the normal boxing gloves. Whichever you buy it should serve your purposes, if you want to practice on punch bags then you need bag glove.
  2. Size: the next point of difference is the size. The boozing gloves usually have a larger and bulkier size, covering your entire hand in the best way. On the other hand, the bag gloves will have a smaller structure to fit around your hand enough to protect your hands as a beginner. .
  3. Padding: In the boxing gloves, the padding is not present in huge amount because these are used to land for boxing on the ring set with the opponent, in tournaments and matches.. But, when you are using the bag gloves, you don’t intend to harm anyone. So, extra padding is provided, which acts as a shock absorber and reduces the blows’ force.
  4. Purpose: The boxing gloves are worn during real matches when you compete against someone else, who is your dire enemy. The design of such gloves is so made such that one can produce maximum blows in punches. However, in case of the bag gloves, the design is made to be used only to land friendly punches specially on punch bags. This is why these gloves are used for sparring matches which are mainly done during the practice sessions.
  5. Wrist wrapper: Wrist wrapper for the boxing gloves must be full in length, and it should cover all your hand to help protect the tendons, bones, and cartilages from any injury. You can use the half, or the full wrist wrapper based on your convenience as for the bag gloves. Since these gloves have more padding than the boxing gloves, your hands will be automatically protected against injuries.
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Here we have explained the major differences between the boxing gloves and the bag gloves. With this comparison study now with you, we can hope that you won’t have to face any such problem the next time you will buy some gloves.


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