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An Overview About Water Purification System

Well said, “WATER IS LIFE” but now in the modern world, pollution and waste chemicals adversely affected the quality of water. Major impurities include cyst and chemicals that make water unclean and dirty. Purification of water has become a vital role in this 21st century. Previously, water purification was a complicated process, and various equipment’s were utilized to purify water. Water is a basic necessity for every living thing in this universe. Pure, Safe, clean, and healthy water is essential for the human body.

Mostly, waste chemicals, chlorine, and cyst make water impure, and it is a generation cause is pollution and environmental carelessness. Water Purification removes contaminants and makes water to use for consumption and cooking. It aims to regenerate water to use for various purposes. Purification of water includes multiple steps of the process like medical, chemical, pharma related, and industrial applicants, while the physical method involves filtration, sedimentation, and biological process.

In a few procedures, electromagnetic radiation, such as ultraviolet light, is taken into consideration. Various government and intentional Standards need to be maintaining for a better quality of water. Standard includes both minimum and maximum concentration of contaminants that depends on the intensity of water. Boling of water is the simplest method to purify water impurities.

WHO On Water Quality Of India

As per World Health Organization Report released in the year 2007, 1.1 billion people were lacking access to get purified drinking water. Also, 88% of cases were attributed to diarrheal diseases due to unsafe water and inadequate way of sanitation. Later after awareness about the importance of filtered and pure water, 94% of the above disease is cured by using techniques like a filter, solar disinfection, and safe storage container saves human life. The upcoming latest technology has reduced death that occurred because of impure and unhygienic water in developing countries. Water clear impurities in four different ways that are boiling, filtration, distillation, and chlorination.

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The human body contains sixty percent water, and so it becomes a necessity to have safe water for a healthy life. Purified water from any of the ways has various benefits to get glow at skin, smooth hair, improve the digestion process, make muscles stronger, and aids for weight loss. Drinking water around 8 to 10 liters daily makes a person rid of small diseases and health issues. Uses of technology to purify water dissolve salt, bacteria, other waste, and chemicals. One of the best methods to make water clean is distillation, but it is not using for household and drinking purposes.

Filtration is the primary method to get the best quality of pure water, and it is also categorized according to the type of water that the RO water purifier is used at specific contaminated water. Filtration of water removes various bacteria, viruses, and excessive unutilized minerals to get water safely and healthily. Water impurities generally depend on the locality of the area. Likewise, municipal water is mostly having a foul taste and chlorine smell. So, people should go for a simple Sediment filter if water has a little amount of sediment without any micro-organisms. Similarly, if water has chlorine in a specific amount, there is a suggestion to buy a carbon filter.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Reverse Osmosis is a highly purified water for drinking and cooking purposes. There is a various organization which manufactures RO water purifier. Still, Kent and Aquaguard are the best among all, and to get the best RO water purifier, you can contact Kent RO service or Aquagaurd RO service center. An RO water purifier removes impurities contain in water with high pressure and also all contaminants by pushing them. This filter is readily available at affordable ranges and efficiently used at home. As per recent search, Bio-filter is the best option as it can be used as a multi-tasking process to remove all chemicals, waste, and also other viruses and bacteria from water.

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Also, to a certain level, it is eco- friendly and helps to protect from pollution and environmental surrounding. Biofilter contains three layers, and it has gravel, sand, and activated charcoal, so most of the natural things are utilized. Water-free from impurities and chemical plays a vital role in making each human health and keep away from health problems may be a minor or major one. It removes dangerously contaminated particles from the water and makes it available to use them appropriately.


One should never compromise with the microbial quality of water that leads to a huge problem. One should get the best Water Purifier system for cooking and drinking requirements focusing on health not only for one own but for their family too. Using better filtration in the home will save and protect their near ones’ health and life.

If you are concerned about the drinking water quality and installation of RO water purifier, installation and regular repair services are the perfect solution as we have mentioned that Kent and Aquaguard are India’s best RO water purifier manufacturer and service provider. To maintain your water purifier to get pure and healthy water buy Kent or Aquaguard RO AMC services.

At RO Care India, We Offer A Complete Solution Such As RO Installation, RO Repair, Maintenance And AMC Service For Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Water Purifier.
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