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6 Benefits of Having Transactional Bulk SMS Services

Even after the introduction of the internet to the marketing industry, SMS marketing still holds its own place, and is still one of the easiest and most significant methods to market your business and services. Unlike other types of messaging services in the marketing industry, transactional bulk SMS marketing strategies offer information that are significant to the customers.

A few examples include getting your PNR status in the messages, or checking your validity or the data left for yor internet plans, getting reminders about due dates of bills and service payments and so on. If you provide a service to the customers that requires regular updates and renewal, having transactional bulk SMS services can prove to be really helpful, for both the customers and the business itself.

Here are 6 benefits of transactional bulk SMS services that you cannot overlook:

Better Reach

Compared to other types of SMS marketing services that can be placed under the do not disturb if the customer doesn’t like the services, transactional marketing services are different. A customer is only eligible to receive such messages once they have interacted with the service. This provides better reach, as the customer themselves initiates the conversation.

Instant Data Delivery

A major benefit of having transactional bulk SMS marketing services is the ability to deliver important information immediately to the customer. Things like plan expiration, subscription renewal, etc. are crucial data for the customers and must be delivered at the right time, delay in the service will negatively cost the customer and the business.

No Time Restrictions

Another major benefit of transactional bulk sms marketing services is the ability to send the messages and services at any time of the day. That means if the transaction is done from the customers after midnight, the messages of the relevant information will be delivered immediately. Which is important, the customer needs to be informed at the right time to avoid issues with payments or transactions. 

For example, if a customer purchased a service from a business at 5 pm, and they receive the transactional message of the purchase two days after the transaction, it will leave a negative impression about the brand and might make the customer never shop with the service again.


A great benefit of having transactional messaging services is being able to integrate them with triggered behaviour of the customers with the website, service or a software. 

For example, a streaming service can send messages to the customer about their due dates with the link to renewal. And after the transaction is done, businesses can send the confirmation message of their transaction. 

This can help build a good relation between the customer and the company. This is barely possible with other types of SMS marketing services.

Open Rate

Unlike other promotional and marketing messages, transactional messages have a significantly higher rate of customers opening the messages. This is only possible since these transactional messages deliver crucial data and information to the customers about the products and services they currently own. 

Promotional Bulk SMS

Further, since these services do not require the internet to be activated, the delivery rate is significantly higher compared to email marketing services. This ensures the customer will definitely receive the message regardless of the location they are in.

Bulk SMS

As the name itself suggests, having the capability of sending more than one message to multiple customers at a time is a great benefit to a business. It reduces the burden and streamline the whole process. This is the case with other services as well, whether you are opting for transactional or promotional bulk SMS services.


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