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5 things to know about laser tag Singapore before playing!

Laser tag is a multiplayer shooting game. Here, an infrared-emitting light gun is used to shoot at each other. Infrared signaling devices detect the laser shot at a person and assess the damage. Needless to say that It is a safe game where no protective gear is needed. Moreover, there are different modes of games designed to the needs of customers. A few of the examples include Vip protection, battlefield, Solo, capture the flag, and many more!


To have a better experience, one should know these things before playing this game. It will help them to decide whether they want to do it and will motivate them also.

Below are the 5 things to consider before getting into the world of laser tag Singapore:

Who should play it?

People from all walks of life and age groups are eligible to play. It is recommended for corporate employees, school children, and a group of friends. The game solidifies the bond between them or sometimes repairs it. Not only that, you can set it as a theme for a birthday party to make that moment for children, where they can run, jump, and laugh. It will serve as a special place for all the friends to get together and hang out while leaving behind some crazy memories. Most of the time, friends just hang out at some cafe or someone’s house that becomes repetitive and boring. Laser tag will be their new favorite!

It is important to note that pregnant women and people with some injuries are not advisable to play, as there would be physical movements.

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Impact on physical health

If you want to lose weight then this game is perfect for you. There is intense cardio involved throughout the game. Your heartbeat is bound to go up by dodging the enemy’s shots or a quick sprint to the base. It can be great for people who detest doing cardio. Laser tag Singapore can be great for strength training also. You might not feel it, but constant crouching, taking aiming positions, jumping, and carrying a laser gun develop your muscles just like weight training. These fun activities are necessary for this age of smartphones, where teenagers don’t leave their homes which is not good for their health. It can also be beneficial for office employees who are too busy with their work. They can use some physical activity which will make them more sharp and attentive.

Impact on mental health

Mental health has become a significant issue in this day and age. It is because of fast-paced life which many people are not able to cope with. This game can help them to break out of their repetitive routine and have fun. Here people can relieve their stress due to constant work in offices. It will lighten their mood by giving them a good laugh. People with depression and anxiety can forget their issues for some time. After getting tired and content with the gameplay, they will be able to have a better and peaceful sleep!

Team building

Laser tag activity gels the team. This game is all about coordination and teamwork. If the participants are not in sync then they will not perform well. Here the participants will learn the importance of team and comradeship. Corporate employees can learn these traits and apply them in their work. There would be more coordination between employees that would benefit the company. Introverts in the office can use this opportunity to socialize and make friends.

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Develops leadership skills

Laser tag Singapore is not just about shooting at each other. A strategy is required to dominate the adversary. There should be plan A and plan B to switch if one is not working. A fallback plan is also needed when the opponent comes on offense. It will be possible by an in-game leader who would devise these plans and make sure it follows through. It will polish the leadership skills that will come in handy in other situations in life. Corporates can know who is a natural leader who can lead a team to pursue a project successfully. Then they can make a decision which task to give them or if they deserve a promotion or not.

If we consider the aforementioned details, we will be able to realize the importance of physical games. Run, shoot and have fun!

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