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5 Must Know Benefits to Using Organic Hair Products


Organic hair products are vastly preferable by many over regular shampoos. Many people recommend checking shampoos and conditioners for labels of ‘paraben free’ or ‘sulfate-free.’ We suggest Lotus Organics+ hair care products if you want to buy organic products over regular shampoos and conditioners that can hurt your hair with the harsh chemicals and toxins that they have.

  • Synthetic and Irritant Free

Parabens are used by most companies to give those shampoos or conditioners a long shelf life. Anything used to give it a long shelf life cannot possibly be good for your hair. Your body can even absorb parabens causing eye or skin irritation if you have an allergy already.

Sulfates, on the other hand, are what causes the foaming in your shampoos. But this strips all natural oil from your hair while cleaning it. Organic products do not foam in this manner, so it can feel like they aren’t actually working.

Silicones that are found in conditions can create a silky layer on the surface of your hair to restore the lost moisture after the shampoo strips it. But a build-up of this can end with your hair being greasy and heavy. And you can only remove it by using something with sulfates which creates a toxic cycle.

Organic shampoos, however, do not foam like regular shampoos but don’t worry; they are doing what they’re supposed to do for your hair without the suns. Organic conditioners are made with natural ingredients like Vitamin E and coconut oil that treat your hair without destroying it.

  • Safer
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As mentioned, using shampoos with sulfates and silicones in them can remove the natural oil from the hair. This can cause heavy drying that can even aggravate skin conditions. It is best to use organic products if you have conditions like psoriasis. The ingredients have far lesser irritants making them gentler on your scalp and can also prevent allergies.

  • Nourishes Hair

Regular shampoos and conditioners can merely give you the illusion of healthy hair, which is not something that organic products do. Some products can be filled with sulfates and silicones and can make you feel like they’re working, but this would be only for a few weeks, and eventually, the harsh chemicals will make your hair lifeless and dull.

Organic products, on the other hand, are very beneficial as they are gentle in treating your hair and do not strip your hair of any of its protective oils. This is not something you may see immediately from usage, but you will see the effects of repair and nourishment in time.

  • Better Result

Organic products, in the long run, are far better for your hair even if they do not lather or foam the way regular products filled with sulfates do. They do not strip color or oil from your hair and nourish it with natural ingredients. They are far better for your hair in the long run.

  • Environment

As organic products are made from natural ingredients, they do not have fertilizers or synthetic chemicals that can damage soil and water. They also lessen the usage of harmful GMOs. It is essential to know that what goes down the drain has an effect on the environment, and the microbeads and heavy chemicals can significantly pollute water bodies and even hurt marine life.

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Organic products, on the other hand, are far more environmentally conscious and are often made of biodegradable materials that are packed in recycled material.


Lotus Organics+ hair care products are highly recommended as they are made of entirely natural ingredients. It is best to choose organic hair care products so you’re saving your hair from chemicals that can ruin your hair and also are being mindful of the environment and are practicing conscious-consumerism. Natural ingredients do not harm your hair but nourish them without the unnecessary side-effects that many other types of hair products might have in them. We hope that this article has encouraged you to make a shift from regular hair products to organic hair products keeping in mind the health and safety of your own hair, and also the environment, the water bodies, and also the marine life.

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