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4 Ways Your Diet Is Influencing Your Fertility

The way the world works these days has changed a lot from the old times when most of the things were settled and easier to accomplish. With the rising competition, people push themselves too much and forget to care about the essential aspects of life, such as health, family planning and so on. This often leads to issues such as fertility at an early stage of life.

Though there is still hope if a couple faces these issues; with fertility treatments such as IUI and In Vitro fertilization in Chennai. Although these issues have a sure shot treatment, it is best to take precaution early on at the first sign.

A lot of times fertility can be influenced with the food you eat, just like the saying, “You are what you eat”, keeping your diet in check is important, especially when you are trying to conceive. In this article, we explain 4 ways your diet might be influencing your fertility.

Weight Levels

Some people genuinely just love eating food. As there is no limit to things and dishes you can try these days, it is almost impossible to get bored with food. But often overeating leads to obesity or not eating enough can lead to being underweight.

Maintaining your weight is important when it comes to fertility, as being overweight or underweight is known to change the levels of hormones in your body. When there is a sudden hormonal change in the body, it tends to influence your fertility as well.

Therefore, it’s essential to maintain your ideal weight to improve your fertility. Further, overweight women have been known to have issues with their ovulation systems, hence try to avoid gaining weight when planning to conceive.

Folic Supplements

There are some studies out there that have suggested that increasing the levels of Folic acid supplement in your diet can increase the chances of conceiving. Further, it is also known to help women with irregular ovulation issues. While in men, it can improve the quality of sperm significantly.

But as always, it is best to consider talking to your doctor before taking any supplements, as there can be different issues that you might be facing infertility issues. Taking unnecessary supplements can also have a negative effect on your body.


When it comes to women, insulin levels are known to influence fertility as it can affect globulin that is responsible to increase or decrease the levels of androgen in the body.

High androgen tends to suppress ovulation in women. Hence, it is best to maintain lower levels of insulin in your body. One way to achieve something like this is by adopting a healthy diet for the heart, as it can lower the insulin levels.

Eliminating red meat from your diet has been known to reduce insulin levels in the body. To help increase these levels, you can introduce legumes and nuts into your diet. Beans are also known to help increase iron levels in the body. This can help improve the egg development process.

Trans Fat

When it comes to trans fat in general, it is best to avoid them, as they have more harmful qualities than good ones. Apart from being bad for your fertility, they are also known to influence heart health, as they have higher levels of insulin. Further, it can change the levels of your metabolism which can also influence your fertility.

If you have been facing such issues, it is best to incorporate these tips into your diet, but if it’s not helping, you can always consider going for IUI treatment in Chennai.

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